14 May 2019

From the Principal

What would a post-ATAR, or no-ATAR world look like?

Articles in numerous, credible, educational journals and publications that discuss alternatives to the ATAR have steadily built in number and commitment over the last 10 years in Australia. 10 years ago, such thoughts were viewed with some cynicism and a “if not the ATAR, then what?” response. Over this period, universities and further education institutions have steadily sought a more nuanced process for tertiary entry, and over the same period, the proportion of entrants awarded places in most courses purely by ATAR score has steadily dropped.

During the same period, increasing amounts of time, thought and research have gone into looking at what alternatives might be used as the influence of the ATAR wanes, particularly for students below the highest ATAR score applicants for any course. This is also part of a broader commitment to more appropriately match students with courses and vocations.

So what does this look like at present, and what might it look like in the future? Well, first of all, the ATAR is currently still the simplest and most direct route to university and further education for most courses. At Tintern, students, staff and families work very hard and collaboratively to enable students to achieve their best ATAR with this in mind and with the School’s best ever combined (VCE and IB) ATAR results last year, we can all be confident that our collective work on this is bearing the desired fruit.

However, in particular circumstances, some students can obtain a ‘discount’ on the ATAR required for course entry, or even bypass it altogether. There are varied reasons for this, and it is important that students and families ensure they are aware of the options open to them in this area. Up until 2018, these variations in entry conditions resulted in VTAC publishing an annual “clearly in” score for each course; a minimum score that guaranteed a place, but was not the score that was required, as some students gained entry with lower scores.

In recent years, the percentage of students accepted who were under the “clearly in” score, has risen in many or even most courses, with it being noted by some sources as reaching up to or even over 80% of accepted students in some courses.

Read the article: Clearly-in ATAR is a meaningless number for most courses – and many students

This appeared to peak for 2017 leavers. As a result, last year, for 2018 leavers, there was no “clearly in” score published. This has unfortunately created an atmosphere of uncertainty for students and parents, and I know that at Tintern at least, Heather Ruckert and our Careers Department are well across what this means for departing students this year and in the near future.

But on the second of these, what does this mean for the future? With the ATAR already fraying at VTAC level and prominent politicians, media-supported pressure groups, and even some experienced and credible Principals questioning the future of university selection by ATAR, the discussion is already moving to what might be the alternative/s. The best-supported ideas at present appear to revolve around the principle of ‘micro-credentialing’. This entails students building a folio of credentials in a range of areas over their time at school, which then forms a portion of their application for work placement, further education, university study or a portion of a job application.

While there is much work to be done on the detail associated with this, one thing is certainly clear. The long-standing call at our school to “get involved, take up opportunities, and stretch yourself” may possibly become even more important in the near future. Encourage your daughters and sons to involve themselves broadly, stretch and extend themselves beyond their known limits and comfort zone. While this will enable a quality folio of those micro-credentials, it will feed excitement as a learner and doer, supporting a vibrant and dynamic school experience and it will also feed into the development of those ‘21st century’ capabilities that will be needed in their future world of work.

As we look back on a wonderful Term 1 and a vibrant and active start to Term 2 and continue to encourage our new students at every year level, let’s all be members of a learning community that steps out to learn and grow without hesitation, that both broadens our involvement and stretches our ability with courage and commitment. It will certainly help with ATARs, NAPLANs, PAT testing and ICAS; but it will also prepare us very well all for the evolution of education and the complex post-school pathways that are clearly on their way to us.

Factis non verbis


Music Matters

Jazz in a Paddock!

From 3-5 May, a group of jazz-enthused students and teachers road tripped to Mt Gambier (yes, you read correctly, in South Australia!!!) to attend the mighty GENERATIONS IN JAZZ. The bus trip was a 7-hour long journey of bonding with peers, sleeping and lots of excited banter! Everyone was buzzing when we finally reached our destination… which happened to be in the middle of a paddock, also in the middle of nowhere. A massive tent was set up in one of the many paddocks in the area along with many other little event tents. Our first night started off with a BANG. We got to the massive tent and walked inside to find 8,000 other people, including students from over 130 different schools all raging with excitement to get the festival underway. Throughout the whole weekend we listened to inspiring musicians and vocalists including four very special star guests of Lizz Wright (Singer), Kurt Elling (Singer), Joey DeFrancesco (organ) and Rickey Woodard (tenor saxophone).

The Intermediate and Senior Jazz Bands are made up of our talented musical students. The two bands each performed one set item selected from their division and two items of their choice. The Intermediate Jazz band performed their set piece “Steadie Freddie”, and their chosen pieces “Kickin’ Back” and “Cry me a River” featuring Lily Holiday-Rider as the Intermediate Jazz Band’s vocalist. The Senior Jazz Band performed their set piece “Happy as Larrikins”, and their chosen pieces “Lindy Hopper’s Delight” and “Bewitched” starring Ella Watt as the Senior Jazz Band’s vocalist.

The two bands did Tintern proud and gave remarkable performances. The Senior Jazz Band was placed in a division with some hefty competition. Regardless of the pressure, the Senior Jazz Band delivered a grand performance and, out of 24 bands in the division, the Senior Jazz Band achieved a high rank of 12th place!

After our performances we were offered the chance to go and see some workshops where we could listen and talk to one of the most professional musical artists in Jazz! During the workshops we were able to hear about their journey and how they developed their careers in the world of music.

The Generations in Jazz is by far one of the biggest musical events our Jazz Band students have ever taken part in. We loved the thrill of the ride and will hold this to be one of our most memorable adventures at Tintern Grammar. Thanks must go to Mrs Clarke, Ms Bortolussi and Mr Kenny for looking after us so well on this trip.

by Ella Watt and Aaron Zhou, Choral Captain & Instrumental Captain 2019, Year 12

Small Ensembles Concert had something for everyone!

The Small Ensembles Concert on Wednesday 8 May was yet another excellent showcase of Tintern’s musical talents. The Clarinet Ensemble set the tone for the evening with two contrasting pieces – a stately “Pavane” to open the program and then a fun rendition of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. The contrasts continued with the Intermediate Flute Ensemble and the Saxophone Ensemble sharing some folk tunes and a spot of ragtime. A desert caravan came over the horizon with the Scrolls String Orchestra followed by a lovely morning serenade from the Senior Flute Ensemble. A vigorous rendition of “Cargo” performed by the Percussion Ensemble ensured we would stay awake. The Walton String Quartet provided us with an opportunity to enjoy the music of Beethoven in the “Scherzo” movement from his String Quartet in C Minor. The program had a rousing finish with 2 jazz numbers from the Contemporary Ensemble. One of the best things about this concert is that performers in the ensembles are at many levels in music experience, ranging from students who have just joined the ensembles to those students who are completing IB music. If you are learning an instrument you will find that these ensembles are an exciting, supportive and fun way to further develop your musical skills.

by Nicole Whyte, Instrumental Music Captain 2019

First Twilight Concert for 2019

The Twilight Concert is an event held each year where all students who learn to play an instrument or sing can perform a piece that they are currently working on to a friendly audience. The Twilight Concert is a great opportunity for students to show off their musical talent through their performance or even just to entertain and have lots of fun!

This year’s Twilight Concert featured works presented in various styles, which made for a program with great variety. The students were fortunate to be accompanied by our talented team of teachers; Ms McKenzie, Mrs Bezaire and Mr Taylor. We thank them for their work on the evening and in the lead up to the concert.

The music heard during the Twilight Concert was exquisite, and all the performers were well deserving of their audience’s applause. This concert was definitely an experience I would recommend to our Tintern Community.

by Aaron Zhou, Instrumental Captain 2019, Year 12

Another memorable Cathedral Service

On Sunday afternoon, students, parents, staff and alumni gathered for our annual Cathedral Service at St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne’s CBD.

As always it was a wonderful community event but extra special this year as the community was treated to a wonderful student composition. Molly Fleming in Year 12 composed ‘Audite’ (‘Listen’) for her IB composition portfolio. The piece is written for five unaccompanied voices (soprano 1 and 2, alto, tenor and bass) in the style of the great sacred choral works of the Renaissance period. A small group of senior singers was chosen to perform this work and they attended extra rehearsals in order to prepare for the performance at the Cathedral Service.

Another part of the musical offerings during the service involved a large choral force consisting of members of the combined Senior and Middle School choirs. They sang Psalm 121 (our School Psalm) and a beautiful contemporary arrangement of ‘Amazing Grace’ with stunning lead solos from Nora Scanlan and Madison Edwards-Turner. These were interspersed with the heavenly sounds of performances by our Chamber Orchestra resounding magnificently throughout the cathedral.

Well done to everyone involved in making the Cathedral Service such a memorable occasion.

Join us for a night celebrating ‘The Legends of Jazz’

Tintern’s Jazz Night always is a much-anticipated event on the Tintern musical and social calendar. Our Friends of Music Committee dress up the CM Wood Centre and the students certainly dig out their finery for a great night of music-making and dancing! Our jazz bands will have just returned from their exciting inaugural performances at the Generations in Jazz Festival at Mt Gambier and will be primed to give us some outstanding performances alongside the fabulous crooners and boppers in the choirs! We are welcoming a new guest dance band this year, “Shifafa on the Side”, who promise to have us up on the dance floor dancing the night away. See the flyer below for more details or follow this link to book: www.trybooking.com/BCEQP


Sport Matters

EISM Athletics

On Tuesday 7 May, Tintern Grammar competed at the Division 2 EISM Athletics Carnival at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park. On a day when weather conditions were perfect for competing, students gave their all in their events. There were a number of excellent individual performances. Tintern finished in 7th position with 2937 points. Congratulations to the following students on their performances as they have qualified for the EISM Champions event on Monday 13 May.

Rachel Adam – Girls 12-13 Triple Jump 8.41m

Maddy Block – Girls U/15 400m Dash 1:09.62, Girls 15 800m Run 2:48.44

Alice Callahan – Girls 14 High Jump 1.35m

Ethan Cooke – Boys 15 Long Jump 5.17m

Olivia Dowling – Girls 15 800m Run 3:07.73

Charlotte du Blet – Girls 12-13 Long Jump 4.02m

Matt Evans – Boys 17-19 Long Jump 5.68m, Boys 17-19 High Jump 1.70m, Boys 17-19 Triple Jump 12.29m

James Feng – Boys 12-13 100m Dash 13.66

Mitch Gerin – Boys 15 High Jump 1.65m

Chloe Hartshorn – Girls 12-13 400m Dash 1:09.79

Austen Humphreys – Boys 14 400m Dash 1:03.15

Vishnu Pillay – Boys 17-19 800m Run 2:13.55

Hannah Taylor – Girls 16 Long Jump 4.25m

Emma Whitla – Girls 16-19 1500m Run 6:19.30

Michael Yuan – Boys 15 800m Run 2:30.86

EISM Athletics Champions Carnival

On Monday 13 May, Tintern Grammar students competed in the EISM Champions Athletics Carnival at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park. In perfect conditions, we competed against the best students in the EISM and achieved some outstanding results during the evening carnival. Congratulations to the following students on their performances: 

Rachel Adam – Girls 12-13 Triple Jump 2nd

Maddy Block – Girls U/15 400m Dash 5th, Girls 15 800m Run 2nd

Alice Callahan – Girls 14 High Jump 1st

Ethan Cooke – Boys 15 Long Jump 1st

Olivia Dowling – Girls 15 800m Run 10th

Charlotte du Blet – Girls 12-13 Long Jump 3rd

Matt Evans – Boys 17-19 Long Jump 3rd, Boys 17-19 High Jump 3rd, Boys 17-19 Triple Jump 3rd, Boys 17-19 Shot put 4th

James Feng – Boys 12-13 100m Dash 5th

Mitch Gerin – Boys 15 High Jump 5th

Chloe Hartshorn – Girls 12-13 400m Dash 3rd

Vishnu Pillay – Boys 17-19 800m Run 3rd, Boys 17-19 1500m Run 10th

Hannah Taylor – Girls 16 Long Jump 6th

Emma Whitla – Girls 16-19 1500m Run 7th

Thank you to our coaching staff from EliteWellbeing for their training programs and assistance during the carnivals. Thank you to Amy Vine and Sheryl Jurey for their assistance during the carnival. 

House Cross Country

On Thursday 2 May we held our annual House Cross Country Carnival. We were fortunate that the weather held out for all but the last 10 seconds of the presentations.

Students competed for their House over the 2.6km course and there were a few exciting finishes. The House spirit and participation were of a high standard. Thank you to the staff involved for their assistance during the carnival. Congratulations to the year level champions and to Butterss/Cross for winning the carnival.

1ST   Butterss/Cross 1765 pts
2nd   Mansfield/McKie 1387.5
3rd Dann/Watt 1322
4th Somner/Stewart 1280
5th Gordon/Grant   1205 

Year Level Champions:

Year 12 Female – Julia Rosenbrock

Year 12 Male – Mitchell Casey

Year 11 Female – Tara Carson

Year 11 Male – Corey Dickson

Year 10 Female – Katey O’Reilly

Year 10 Male – Oliver Huang

Year 9 Female – Maddy Block

Year 9 Male – Ben Winter

Year 8 Female – Saskia Jackson Smith

Year 8 Male – Niek Van Vroonhoven

Year 7 Female – Olivia Beaton

Year 7 Male – Luke Fryer


Community Matters

Speagle Science Centre Opening

We warmly welcome the School community to join us for the official opening of The Speagle Science Centre on Thursday 30 May 2019, 11am – 1.00pm. The building’s namesake Henry Speagle and his wife will be joining us for this celebrated occasion.

To register or for further information please follow this link https://www.trybooking.com/BCJMJ 

Fair Thank You and Reveal Night

Thursday 2 May, our parent, staff and community Fair volunteers and sponsors came together at our 2019 Giant Fair Thank You Evening. It was a wonderful event acknowledging the valuable contributions from our volunteers and sponsors, as well as the community whose support on Fair Day generated a fantastic contribution towards our sustainability target to purchase a wind generator.

Special thanks again go to the Fair Convenor Amanda McKenzie and her committee. Their dedication, expertise and tireless efforts were instrumental in ensuring the success of the 2019 Fair.

Our sponsors provided financial support as well as valuable goods and services that contributed to the success of the Fair. Thank you to all who contributed and it would be wonderful if we, in turn, could support them by thinking of them when you next make a purchase. Follow this link to watch our Sponsors Thank You video: www.tintern.vic.edu.au/2019-giant-fair-a-great-success

Join us for a night celebrating ‘The Legends of Jazz’

Tintern’s Jazz Night always is a much-anticipated event on the Tintern musical and social calendar. Our Friends of Music Committee dress up the CM Wood Centre and the students certainly dig out their finery for a great night of music-making and dancing! Our jazz bands will have just returned from their exciting inaugural performances at the Generations in Jazz Festival at Mt Gambier and will be primed to give us some outstanding performances alongside the fabulous crooners and boppers in the choirs! We are welcoming a new guest dance band this year, “Shifafa on the Side”, who promise to have us up on the dance floor dancing the night away. See the flyer below for more details or follow this link to book: www.trybooking.com/BCEQP

Mother’s Day Stall

Last Wednesday saw our Junior Schools and ELC students excitedly choosing parents for their Mum or other significant person in their lives. Thank you to the group of incredible volunteers, both at the store and the wrapping day, who donated their time to making the Mother’s Day store a wonderful success.

A special thank you to Danielle Kelberg and Haidee Wallace of the TPG who both worked tirelessly to ensure the store was filled with an incredible array of gorgeous gifts for Mother’s Day.

Tintern Parents Group AGM 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended the Tintern Parents Group AGM on Thursday 9 May. The TPG members for 2019 are:

President: Haidee Wallace

Vice President: Tim Bray

Treasurer: Ruby Nagendran

Secretary: Roshini Higgins


  • Amanda Henshaw
  • Lorraine Touliatos
  • Rathika Mahadeva
  • Sally Robinson
  • Denise Qvist
  • Mick Humphreys
  • Danielle Kelberg
  • ​​​​​​​Paul True
  • ​​​​​​​Joy Gao
  • Ivy Mao
  • ​​​​​​​Noc Geoghegan​​​​​​​
  • Amanda McKenzie (Fair)

A special welcome to new members ​​​Joy Gao, Ivy Mao and Noc Geoghegan​​​​​​​.

Thank you also to resigning members Djoymi Baker, Yan Tang, Weiping Zhou, Viv Jones and Leeza Crowe, former Co-President. We have appreciated your support of the Tintern and the TPG.

The TPG always welcome new members, please feel welcome to contact Haidee on 0417 052 273 for more information. Alternatively, you can contact Di Lacey or Tegan Martin in Community Relations.

TOGA Golf 2019

A trip down to Sorrento Golf Club was required for this year’s Annual Women’s Interschool Golf Challenge Cup, held on Monday 1 April 2019. Celebrating its 90th year, the TOGA golf team of Sue Semmens (YG 1978), Lyn Coutie (Stevenson) (YG 1970), Jacky Clark (Bovell) (YG 1968) and Melinda Thomas (YG 1983) was keen to claim the cup for the first time in this milestone year. The team played well scoring a very respectable aggregate score of 115, however, it wasn’t quite enough to clinch the deal with Korowa taking the title with a score of 134. Read the full TOGA 2018/19 Golf Report here: www.tintern.vic.edu.au/toga-2018-19-golf-report

If you’re interested in joining the TOGA golfers, please contact Melinda Thomas on 0417 508 725.

Want to join the Tintern Footy Tipping Competition?

It isn’t too late to join in the Tintern Grammar Footy Tipping Competition. For those interested in joining the 2019 competition, details are below:

You will then have to log into your own account or create one. When setting up your account, you might like to check the reminder email box so you don’t forget!

The competition is free and open to our entire adult (18+ @ 21/3/2019) Tintern community – Tintern Grammar students will not be permitted to enter. If you have, any questions please email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au and we’ll help you get started.

Cash Prizes awarded:

  • 1st prize $250
  • 2nd prize $120
  • 3rd prize $60
  • 4th Prize $40
  • 5th prize $20

Good luck and start tipping!!

Community Committee Dates 

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG) –Next meeting: Thursday 13 June 2019 Kennedy Cottage President: Haidee Wallace
  • Friends of Music (FOM) – Next Meeting: Wednesday 12 June 2019 Kennedy Cottage President: Debra Fryer
  • Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF) – Next Meeting: Monday 17 June 2019 Kennedy Cottage President: Meaghan Cross
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE) – Next Meeting: TBC Kennedy Cottage President: Vacant Vice President: Karen Trevorrow

Upcoming Reunions:

  • Past Staff Reunion: Saturday 15 June 2019 at Tintern Grammar 3.30pm to 6.30pm followed by dinner at Bucatini
  • Reunion Festival: Saturday 15 June 2019 at Tintern Grammar 3.30pm to 6.30pm:

Community Group Fundraising

Tintern Rose

The Tintern Parent Group are offering Tintern Roses for purchase online via TryBooking for collection on Thursday 16 May from 3.15 to 4.15pm in the Southwood Centre.

Tea Towels – Order Yours Now

Creating Lasting Memories!
Our limited edition tea towel design will be made up of self-portraits drawn by all our children and staff. There are 3 separate designs by our junior girls, boys and ELC.
The pictures and names are arranged as a commemorative design and screen printed onto premium 100% white cotton tea towels.

Don’t forget to order a few extras for family members and your keepsake box. $15 each, or save by ordering 3 for $40.

To order this treasured keepsake please visit:

There is a previous tea towel on display in the Girls and Boys Junior School and the ELC.

Please note: limited quantities available.

Thank you for your continued support!

2017 Tea Towels Designs

Entertainment books are back for their 25th Year!

Entertainment Books are back for their 25th year! To celebrate they are offering a great range of pre-order bonus offers:

Filled with up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for the most popular restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and more. The book is current from purchase until the end of May 2020.

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

Please click here to order your 2019/2020 Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Books can be collected from Main Reception, or instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG for 2018.

Tintern Grammar Photo Albums – Protect your School Photos!

Protect your child’s school photos with a stunning Tintern Photo Album. The TPG is offering beautiful quality made customised ‘buckram’ binders for only $72. The albums are Navy, featuring the school crest and name printed in silver on the front cover and come complete with 10 transparent sheet inserts.

The albums are great for storing:
– The official school photos
– Certificates
– NAPLAN and ICAS results
– Sports and performer ribbons
– Artwork
– Programs from concerts, sports days and special assemblies
– Photos
– Newsletter clippings
– Your own scrapbook creations (as the pages are 30cm x 30cm standard scrapbook size)

In fact, if you think of it like a filing cabinet of memories, over the years it builds up into quite a treasure! Samples can be viewed in the uniform shop and all orders are now taken at this link through trybooking

Once you have placed your order, please take your confirmation to the Uniform Shop to collect your Album and/or extra pages.


Proposal to migrate Tintern Family Association Inc to a Company Limited by Guarantee


Notice is hereby given that a Special General Meeting of the Association will be held at Tintern Grammar (90 Alexandra Road Ringwood East) on Saturday 15th June 2019 at 2pm in the Southwood Centre.

Special Business

To consider, and if thought fit, pass the following resolution as a special resolution:

Special resolution:

  1. That the Association apply to become registered or incorporated as a prescribed body corporate, specifically a company (in particular, a company limited by guarantee) within the meaning of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (the Act) that is taken to be registered in Victoria, pursuant to the provisions of Part 8 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic) and Part 5B.1 of the Act.
  2. That the name of the company resulting from the application for registration be ‘Tintern Communities Ltd’.


Under section 5 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic):

  1.  At least 75% of the votes cast at the meeting must be cast in favour of the above motion to pass it as a special resolution; and  
  2.  At least 21 days’ notice of the meeting and the intention to put the motion to vote at the meeting must have been given to all members of the association.
  3.  A member votes at a meeting if they:
    1. vote in person at the meeting; or
    2. vote via proxy (provided the proxy form is lodged at the office of the Association at least 24 hours before the meeting commences).

Damien Horman


Dated this 14th day of May 2019

Download proxy form


1. What is the current structure of Tintern’s alumni and parent groups?

The parent body of Tintern Grammar’s alumni and parent groups is Tintern Family Association Inc (TFA Inc), an incorporated association. The members of TFA Inc are the individual members of a number of unincorporated Participating Bodies – Tintern Old Girls’ Association (TOGA), Southwood Old Boys’ Association (SOBA) and Tintern Parents Group (TPG). A number of “Friends of” groups also operate as informal committees of TFA Inc.

2. What is the proposed change to Tintern’s alumni and parent groups?

Tintern Grammar proposes to address problems in the current structure by:

  • migrating Tintern Family Association Inc to a company limited by guarantee (to be known as Tintern Communities Ltd);
  • establishing the Participating Bodies and Friends Groups as “Communities” of Tintern Communities Ltd; and
  • adopting a new Constitution for Tintern Communities Ltd that clarifies and simplifies the governance requirements for each Community.

A Constitution for the new company limited by guarantee has been prepared in consultation with the Committee of Tintern Family Association Inc (which includes representatives from all of the Participating Bodies and Friends Groups).

3. When will the proposed change be considered?

The proposed change to the company structure and name will be voted on at a Special General Meeting to be held on Saturday 15th June 2019 at Tintern Grammar – 90 Alexandra Road Ringwood East.

4. Who is entitled to vote on the proposed change?

All members of the Participating Bodies (being Tintern Old Girls’ Association, Southwood Old Boys’ Association and Tintern Parents Group) are entitled to vote on the proposed change.

Please contact your relevant Participating Body if you are unsure about your membership status.

5. What is wrong with the current structure?

The current structure of Tintern’s Participating Bodies and Friends Groups is inefficient, resulting in gratuitous administration and duplicated record keeping. More importantly, it hinders the Participating Bodies from achieving their purpose – facilitating contact and communication between former pupils and promoting the welfare of Tintern Grammar.    

In particular, the current structure has the following deficiencies:

5.1 Exposure of members of the Participating Bodies to legal liability

The Committee and members of the Participating Bodies do not have any legal protection within the current unincorporated association structure. In the event of a legal claim against a Participating Body, the Committee and members of that Participating Body would each be exposed to unlimited personal liability.

5.2 Overregulation

The rules for the Participating Bodies require them to refer to the (superseded) Associations Incorporation Act 1981, the TFA Inc rules and their own rules as well as any regulations made by TFA Inc or its Board. This is unnecessarily complex and onerous.

5.3 Overlapping membership groups

The rules of each group allow a graduating student of Tintern Grammar to become a member of all of TOGA, SOBA, TPG, TGAA and TFA Inc. Although this is unlikely to occur in practice, it reflects lack of clarity about each group’s identity and purpose.

5.4 Duplicated membership registers

Each Participating Body is responsible to maintain its own membership register as well as to assist TFA Inc to maintain its register. This is inefficient and results in duplicated registers as well as difficulty in keeping all documents up to date. In practice, not all of the Participating Bodies have maintained up to date membership registers.

5.5 Oversized governing groups

The Participating Bodies have committees of up to twenty-nine members, which is exceptionally large. As a general rule, an effective governing group has between five and twelve members.

5.6 Inflexible and prescriptive rules

The current rules for each Participating Body are ‘one-size-fits all’ documents that are onerous and cannot be tailored to their particular requirements or size.

5.7 Hindering cooperative social and fundraising efforts

Each of the Participating Bodies has overlapping goals and purposes. The current structure encourages Participating Groups to work in silos, rather than forming cooperative partnerships to achieve their shared goals.

5.8 Regulatory and legislative change

The current rules of TFA Inc and the Participating Bodies were made over a decade ago and do not allow for the introduction of new legislation (the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012) or a new regulator for charities (the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)).

6. Why is TFA Inc migrating to a company limited by guarantee?

TFA Inc is an incorporated association regulated by the ACNC, Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. A company limited by guarantee is an alternative structure for a not-for-profit organisation that is regulated principally by the ACNC and Corporations Act 2001.

Migration to a company limited by guarantee offers benefits including simpler reporting and reduced regulation, principally because the company limited by guarantee structure is better integrated with the ACNC.

7. Why Is Tintern Grammar proposing this change now?

The current structure over Tintern Grammar’s alumni and parent groups developed in a piecemeal fashion over an extended period of time.

Not only has Tintern Grammar changed over the past two decades, significant changes have occurred in the regulatory environment of not-for-profits, including: new fundraising legislation; a new framework for associations (the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012); and a new regulator for charities (the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission). Society’s expectations regarding the standard of good governance in not-for-profits have also increased.

In light of these changes, the current structure is no longer fit for purpose. A new structure is required that reduces the risk for committee members and is clear, modern, sustainable and compliant with current laws and regulations.

8. What will the new structure look like?

The key features of the new structure are as follows:

8.1 Communities for alumni (Tintern Old Girls, Southwood Old Boys and Tintern Grammar), Tintern Parents and Interest Groups (Friends of Music, Friends of Equestrian and Friends of Young Farmers);

8.2 Equal status for Interest Groups and alumni and parents groups;

8.3 Flexible and simple Terms of Reference to assist with the operation of each Community, establishing a Committee to assist in the direction of the Community and the fulfilment of its purpose;

8.4 Provision for each Community to determine how funds that it raises will be used (provided this is consistent with the purpose for which the funds are raised);

8.5 A single central register of Community members that can be updated by the Committee of each Community;

8.6 A Board of Directors for the company limited by guarantee comprising a representative from each Community together with the Principal and two directors of Tintern Grammar.

8.7 TOGA will remain the trustee of The Nancy Lancaster Bequest and will continue to administer those funds.

9. How can I get more information about the proposal?

Please contact Damien Horman, Business Manager Tintern Grammar – businessmanager@tintern.vic.edu.au.


Fair News

The weather could not dampen our spirits for the 2019 Giant Tintern Grammar Fair. The financial success of the Fair will be announced at the Reveal and Thank you night this Thursday 2 May @ 7pm in the CM Wood Common room. We were delighted to have such strong community support from our families and sponsors.

Special thanks to the Fair Convenor Amanda McKenzie and her committee. Their dedication, expertise and tireless efforts were instrumental in ensuring the success of the 2019 Fair.

Our sponsors provided financial support as well as valuable goods and services that contributed to the success of the Fair.  Thank you to all who contributed and it would be wonderful if we, in turn, could support them as a community by thinking of them when you next make a purchase.

We would also like to extend a thank you to everyone who volunteered; families, staff and friends of; whether in the many hours of preparation for the Fair, on the day itself in any number of important roles, or in the tidy up afterwards – without your support events of this greatness would not be possible.


Junior School Girls’ House Cross Country 2019

Cheered on by students in their House, Prep to Year 6 girls participated in the Junior School House Cross Country on Tuesday 7 May.

There were opportunities for students to participate in extension running events to qualify for District Cross Country or complete the course for House points. Prep girls were joined by Year 6 girls as running ‘buddies’ for their lap of the oval whilst Years 1 and 2 completed two laps alongside the Year 6 House Captains. A number of Year 2 students elected to participate in the Years 2 and 3 800m course, whilst some Year 3’s accepted the running challenge to participate in the 9/10 age group for District selection. The 11 years and 12/13 years age groups completed the course twice for District selection (3km) or once for House points.

Well done to Mansfield/McKie for winning the Girls’ Junior School Cross Country this year. On being presented with the Cross Country trophy for 2019 by Mr Fry, House Captain Emily Manton thanked all the girls for their participation, effort and House spirit.

Final Results: 1st Mansfield, 2nd Somner & Watt, 4th Gordon, 5th Cross


Annalisa in Year 4 featured in today’s Maroondah Leader

Have you seen the Maroondah Leader today? If so, you may have seen an article written by Annalisa in Year 4 following a visit from alumna Carla Johnson (YG 2004) from The Nutrition Circle for their Jamie Oliver’s Learn Your Fruit and Veg incursion.

Well done, Annalisa! What a great piece!


Mother’s Day High Tea in the ELC

This year the ELC children held a High Tea in the evening to celebrate and thank the special women in their lives. The evening began with sharing a High Tea, before participating in some activities together, making lavender bags, bracelets and special Mother’s Day calm colouring. Leading up to the High Tea, the children had been very busy learning songs and poems to perform for their special guests, who undoubtedly felt the joy, love and thanks of the children. The concerts were performed over different times to allow parents with children in multiple classrooms to watch the performance.

The change in timing this year from “Songs and Scones” in the afternoon to the evening “High Tea” supported those mum’s who have not been able to attend a day time event. We had over 60 families represented at the High tea. It was lovely to see our special visitors engage in experiences with the children and meet families from different classrooms.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

by Wendy Oates, Pre-Prep A Teacher


The Speagle Science Centre official opening

We warmly welcome the School community to join us for the official opening of The Speagle Science Centre on Thursday 30 May 2019, 11.00am – 1.00pm. The building’s namesake Henry Speagle and his wife will be joining us for this celebrated occasion.

Morning tea will be served from 11.15am, followed by the formal presentation at 11.45am and tour at 12.15pm.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 or email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au with any queries.

To register or for further information please see the invitation below or follow this link.


Girls’ Middle School News

A huge thank you to all who attended our inaugural Mother & Daughter bowling night last Thursday. This exciting event was an opportunity to connect with other Middle School mothers as well as valuable mother/daughter time. There was a lot of laughter, encouragement and healthy competition throughout the night. Our overall winning mother/daughter teams were: in 3rd place Saskia Jackson-Smith & Meridie Jackson, 2nd place Annabelle Pringle & Cynthia Pringle, and 1st goes to Joanne Chang & Karen Oun. Well done to all for a great effort! We look forward to hosting this event again next year.

In our recent Middle School assembly we heard from our Intermediate Jazz Band. They performed ‘Steady Freddy’ and ‘Kicking Back’ as part of their preparation for the Generations in Jazz festival in Mount Gambier. This prestigious competition attracts over 5000 participants including 331 stage bands and vocal ensembles from across Australia. Our Intermediate Jazz band represented our school in their category to an outstanding level, giving it all they had and received very positive feedback from the judges. This is a real credit to our students as this was the first time that Tintern has competed in this event. It gave us a real idea of the quality of our performance when ranked against other school bands across Australia. A huge congratulations to all competitors! Read more about our trip to the Generations in Jazz festival.

On 9 May we competed in the Victorian Volleyball Schools Cup for the first time at the State Volleyball  Centre. We had two teams from across our Girls’ Middle School. Their coach Mrs Jessie Petchell was immensely proud of our girls with our division 2 team providing stiff competition, and our division 1 team competing to a very high-level managing to win one of their games and finishing 3rd in our pool. They showed great teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the competition.

Our fabulous Green Team has been putting in place initiatives across our school to improve our sustainability. They have started with new composting bins in the Middle School and various staffrooms to reduce landfill and provide our school chickens with a diverse diet. They have been proactive in speaking with our Principal, staff and students about ways to reduce waste throughout the school. Over the past few weeks, they have given up their lunchtimes to conduct audits across the school to identify key areas to improve in. They have been working to inspire students and staff to make sure that we think before we throw away. They have shown considerable passion and dedication in their approach to this.

Our Year 8/9 Sculpture class have just completed bird sculptures created out of clay which are currently being fired and they are about to commence creating Chair sculptures. Their teacher Jenny Kerr has been very impressed at the breadth of their creativity in their designs and the dedication they have shown to the planning stages.

Year 7 Science has just started studying materials and has learnt about the particle model to describe solids, liquids and gases. A real highlight today for 7C was the creation of slime which then led to a wide range of experiments during their lunchtime on its elasticity and malleability. The girls took great delight in explaining to me how the slime reacted under different conditions. The joy of experimenting has definitely been unlocked with this activity.

Key upcoming dates:

  • NAPLAN for Year 7 & 9’s, 14-17 May
  • Friends of Music Jazz Night, 18 May (CM Wood 7pm) Book here.
  • Middle School Principal’s Forum, 20 May (Colebrook Hall 7pm)
  • The Speagle Science Centre official opening, Thursday 30 May (The Speagle Science Centre 11am) All welcome, please RSVP.

On Friday 24 May one of our Senior school students Nicola Bacon is organising an Australia’s Biggest Morning tea event. She is asking if all Middle School students would consider making (or purchasing) an item for our bake sale on this day. If you are able to encourage your daughter or son to consider making an item that would be fantastic. All proceeds are going to support the Cancer Council to fight this terrible disease. All baked goods must have all ingredients clearly labelled for allergy reasons. All donations gratefully received at the tables under the Middle School Girls’ building at the start of recess on May 24 or can be dropped off before school to the Middle School staffroom.

And for those who like to plan ahead, a reminder that Term 4 will finish on Tuesday 10 December.

Throughout our Middle School The Resilience Project has continued to provide excellent activities that help our students find motivation and meaning. It encourages students to strive to find ways to continue to shape and refine their character and explore genuine ways to connect with their peers. In particular, we are focusing on ways to appreciate the successes in a day, to focus on the things that go well, rather than focussing on the negative. I would like to include a small section of the wonderful prayer for our school community that Reverend Alison wrote for the Cathedral Service which reflects the aims of our pastoral program.

Gracious God, we come to you today in prayer to realign our attitude. So that our hearts and minds and actions are one. Where we can seek truth with confidence. We come to you today as a strong connected caring school community. Eager to shape our world, both local and global, for the better. Amen.


Boys’ Middle School News

With Term 2 well underway, the boys in the Middle School have hit the ground running with many activities and events to keep them busy. On Sunday 5 May, the annual Tintern Grammar Cathedral Service was conducted at the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral in the city. The service was themed Amazing Grace, and included the story of John Newton (the composer of ‘Amazing Grace), and the amazing story of his turbulent journey through life before he matured and found his passion. The beautiful musical pieces, hymns and inspiring rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ by Madison Edwards-Turner and Nora Scanlon, supported by our Chamber Choir was something to behold. I am sure that all families who attended the service would attest to how great it was.

The athletics season has now finished with the EISM Champions meet held on Tuesday 30 April at Lakeside Stadium in Albert Park. A large number of students from Tintern had progressed to this level and competed really well against strong competition. We are very proud of all of our athletes for their efforts throughout the entire athletics season. For more details click on this link to take you to Sport Matters.

Whilst on sport, I’d like to wish our Middle Years’ basketball team all the best for next week as they head off to play in the College Basketball Intermediate Championships in Dandenong. This team has been training for a number of weeks now and are very excited about the opportunity to represent the school, and to play against some of the best schools in Victoria. Another recent event is the House Cross Country. Click on this link to see the results from this event. Training for our school Cross Country Team has now begun.

We have two groups of Middle School students currently planning their World Challenge journey to Vietnam in the September school holidays later this year. This trip is an amazing opportunity for our boys and girls to experience a new culture, to provide a service to a community less fortunate than ours and to continue their personal growth. They are all very excited about the opportunity and continue to plan and prepare in an amazing way.

There are many other activities currently occurring that involves our Middle School boys: DAV Debating, House Singing (whole school), House Football (organised by our Middle School Captain, Elliott Corcoran), plus much more. Our Year 9s have recently begun their House Showdown rehearsals which has our boys and girls in Year 9 working together to put on a dance performance based on a particular theme. Although only in its beginning stages, it is already providing a great way for our boys and girls to connect further with each other, whilst also building on their leadership and organisational skills.

We have had many information mornings, tours for current and prospective families, showcase evenings for future Year 7 families, plus much more. At each of these events we had student volunteers to help with tours and to answer questions from prospective families. It is such a delight to have so many of our Middle School boys wanting to be part of these events, so much so that we have had to create a roster to ensure those interested have the opportunity. This demonstrates the connection and pride they have in both themselves and the school.

Finally, a massive thank you to the “mums/special friends” who were able to make it to our Mother & Son bowling night last Thursday. It was a really lovely evening with lots of fun, laughter, gutter balls, and even a few strikes. A huge congratulations to our top three mum/son champions for 2019:

  • 1st: Jayden and Jodi Marsh
  • 2nd: Blake and Kathy Chrisfield
  • 3rd: Oliver and Annette Dark

This night (and Mother’s Day on Sunday) is an opportunity to realise that even adolescent boys still need their mum or someone in their lives that play this role. As they grow from being a boy into a teenager, there is so much change and development that they are having to deal with. This “mum” role, albeit slightly different to when they were six, is as important as it will always be. Below are two links; one to an article by Shirley Vandersteen (a Consulting Psychologist) on mothers and teenage sons, and the second, a radio interview with Maggie Dent (author, educator and mother of four boys), that I would encourage you to take the time to read and listen to.

How to be the mum your boys need you to be

Mothers and Teenage Sons

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums and to those playing that role for many children out there. We thank you all for everything you do.

Lastly, The Speagle Science Centre will have its official opening on Thursday 30 May, 11am. All are welcome, follow this link to learn more or to RSVP.


World Challenge – Urban Day

During the September holidays, 23 students will be travelling as two teams to Vietnam for a two-week expedition World Challenge Expedition. The expedition teams will experience the sights, tastes and sounds of Hanoi and Halong Bay and take part in a trek and community project in the Mai Chau region.

In preparation for the trip, we all participated in an Urban Day on 30 April which involved travelling as a group around the Melbourne CBD and Williamstown. The aim of the day was to introduce teams to the leadership system we will use in Vietnam, work together as a team and learn about life on their upcoming trip. Both teams had an enjoyable day and it was fantastic to see everyone step up in their leadership, teamwork, communication and also start to get to know each other better.

Throughout Term 2 and 3 teams will start to focus on fundraising to contribute towards their community projects in Mai Chau.


School TV Special Report

School TV Special Report – Parenting Styles – What type of parent are you?

There are so many different opinions offered on how best to parent. New parents will often have firm beliefs about how they wish to balance love and discipline, but this ideal often goes out the window when a toddler throws their first tantrum in the supermarket!

Raising children can bring parents and caregivers great joy despite many learning ‘on the job’ and growing into the role through experience and understanding. Children will always flourish in a warm and loving environment, supported by clear guidance.

In this Special Report, parents and caregivers can gain a greater understanding of the four defined parenting styles by taking part in the quiz. It can guide parents towards deciding which style they wish to adopt and the effects it may have on their children.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact your child’s classroom teacher, mentor, level co-ordinator or Head of School for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report


Can you assist with Homestay for an Exchange student?

Tim Bray from the Tintern Parent Group and member of the local Rotary helps to organise Rotary Youth Exchange, a program that helps students spend up to 12 months living and studying overseas. The School currently hosts a Youth Exchange student from Italy who is sadly leaving us in June. Another Youth Exchange student from Taiwan would also like to experience living and studying in Australia for 12 months and is hoping to join the Senior College in July.

We hope the community may be able to assist in sharing the hosting of this student for a period of approximately 3-4 months.

The role of a host family is to provide meals, accommodation and support for the student. The family is well supported by Rotary who provides support and training for both the student and the host family in the form of a Student Consellor/Mentor, a Country Co-ordinator, a local Youth Exchange committee and of course Tim Bray.

The training is available online and face to face and a Working With Children Check is required.

If you would be interested in finding out more, could you please contact community relations via email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.


News from Careers

VCE and Careers Expo

Year 11 students valued the opportunity to attend the VCE and Careers Expo at Caulfield Racecourse on Friday 3 May to interact with the 150 exhibitors providing information relating to:

  • University, TAFE and training courses
  • Interstate Universities
  • Employment prospects eg Surveying or Victoria Police
  • Industry representative eg Victorian Building Authority or PwC
  • Study advice
  • International exchange and gap year programs
  • Overseas Study

Year 10 Work Experience Program

The final placements are being organised this week for Work Experience that occurs from Monday 17 to Friday 21 June 2019. Students will then be able to complete their final Occupational, Health and Safety testing and risk assessments.

Year 12 Reminder to Obtain a Tax File Number Prior to Tertiary Study

Students are encouraged to apply now as long delays can occur at the end of the year by selecting https://www.ato.gov.au/Forms/TFN—application-for-individuals/

Community Achiever Program (CAP) at ACU

Applications are now open for Year 12 students to complete the documentation that recognises their leadership and community service. Successful students will be granted a conditional early offer with a reduced ATAR and further information is available at Community Achiever Program (CAP)

Key Dates for 2020

    • Applications Open – Wednesday 1 May 2019
    • Applications Close – Wednesday 14 August 2019 (Melbourne courses) and Wednesday 28 August 2019 (Ballarat courses)
    • Offers released within two weeks of applications closing.

University of Melbourne and Monash University Seminars

All sessions are free and involve an online registration at My Melbourne Future Events for the University of Melbourne. Seminars are held at the Parkville Campus from 6.00 – 8.30pm. Each seminar includes course information, career opportunities, a sample lecture, student experiences plus time for questions. 



Tuesday 4 June

My Future in Arts

My Future in IT

Wednesday 5 June

My Future in Science

Wednesday 12 June

My Future in Design

My Future in Music

Thursday 13 June

My Future in Commerce

My Future in Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences

Tuesday 18 June

My Future in Education

Wednesday 19 June

My Future in Law

Thursday 20 June

My Future in Biomedicine

Tuesday 25 June

My Future in Engineering

Wednesday 26 June

My Future in Fine Arts

Monash University also offers the Inside Monash seminars that are held from March to August and registrations are online at https://www.monash.edu/inside-monash.

Career News

The latest edition of Career News has been uploaded to the Careers tab on the Portal. Senior College students are also emailed a copy of the CareerNews so they can easily access material from the hyperlinks. The current edition is now available at https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/14962/

Number 14 Career News 13 May 2019

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 2
  • FINAL REMINDER: UCAT Entry for Medicine in 2020
  • News from Deakin University
    • DeakInspire 2019
    • Arts and Education Information Sessions & Events
  • News from Swinburne University
    • Bachelor of Innovation and Design
    • Studying Neuroscience at Swinburne
    • Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours)
  • Business Degrees in Victoria
  • Commerce Degrees in Victoria
  • Snapshot of the University of Tasmania in 2019


Matt Gilling (YG 2014)

We are pleased to share an update on alumnus Matt Gilling (YG 2014).

Matt had a great 2018/19 Ocean 6 Series winning the first Ocean Swim race at Queenscliff in NSW in October 2018. He went on to place 4th overall in the Ocean 6 Ocean Swim Series which was a massive achievement and his best result to date! The Ocean 6 attracts the most elite Surf Sports athletes across Australia.

In mid-January 2019, Matt won the Torquay Jim Wall Iron Man Race in Torquay and placed 3rd in the Lorne Pier to Pub competing against more than 5,000 others.

Congratulations Matt on these recent results and all the best for the 2019/20 Surf Sports season.

Photo credit: Harvpix


Caitlin Spears (YG 2011)

We are pleased to share some exciting news about alumna Caitlin Spears (YG 2011).

Since graduating Caitlin studied at the VCA earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has gone on to perform in musicals, operas and plays all over the world! Caitlin recently turned her hand to producing, founding the production company Spears Entertainment, an Independent Theatre and Arts company based in Melbourne. They have just announced their 2019 season Everything’s Coming Up Sondheim, the musical theatre concert.

Come watch Caitlin alongside a talented cast and live band, perform the best of musical genius Stephen Sondheim! Playing at The Loft, Chapel off Chapel from 2 – 4 August 2019, tickets are now on sale.


Janine Kirk (YG 1970)

Congratulations to alumna Janine Kirk (YG 1970) on her recent appointment as Chair of the Board for Phoenix Australia. Janine takes on this new role with extensive leadership experience in a variety of positions for a broad range of organisations. Learn more: https://lnkd.in/gPWYicM

Image Credit: Phoenix Australia


Term 2 – Events

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