13 Oct 2020

From the Principal

Hope, and all that it is. Sustaining us, and sometimes feeling like it might overwhelm us.

I am finishing this article on the afternoon of Sunday 11 October, one day ahead of our Year 8 and 9 students having to watch all other Tintern students returning either full-time or part-time for Year 10. My heart goes out to those young women and men, who have not been on campus, nor seen each other or their teachers for over three months, and have in fact only been on campus for three weeks out of the last six months.

As someone who has been fortunate to work at school every day this year, I cannot imagine how isolating that must have been. But when I logged onto our virtual Year 7 Orientation Day on Friday, our Year 9 Boy and Girl Leaders were there, upbeat, smiling and exercising visible leadership to a group of new and likely uncertain Year 6 students. When I thought on this later, I was not sure that I would be able to see the world as positively as they clearly do, in their shoes, with their experience. The hope and yearning to return must be very strong.

At the same time, we have already seen all our ELC students return to campus over a week ago, chock full of enthusiasm and energy. Our Prep to Year 7, Year 10 (part-time), Year 11 and Year 12 students will all be with us tomorrow. I know from messages I have had from students, from parents and from staff, that there is joy, enthusiasm and ambition aplenty for all of us ahead of tomorrow, and then later, the return of Year 8 and 9 students on the 26th. The fulfilment of that hope to return will have been a sustaining force for many students, parents and staff over the last 6 months, and to have it fulfilled, reinforces the human ability to find, see and focus on the positives, the light in the darkness, the hope that sustains us through challenge.

We also know that it is not like that for all of us. We know we have students who are nervous or anxious about returning, and I am sure there will be measures of this amongst staff and parents too. As I said in the Friday Principal’s Bulletin, wellbeing and health will be the immediate priority for our students and staff as they return. Many will do this seamlessly, some with relative ease, and others will need more support. Can I ask that if your child, or you, would find an easier path with some support, that you approach us? Pastoral Mentors and Year Level Coordinators, Heads of School or subject teachers; we are here to help. Please reach out if we can assist and we will join with you, supporting your child or you and fulfil that hope that has sustained our whole community over the last 6 months or so.

We are very fortunate in our Tintern community, that we have choices. We can make our own way, if we feel we can – perhaps with an occasional kind word or supportive hand, or perhaps even that not needed. But if at times the journey is too much, there is more available, to ensure there is support during the difficult times. I know our staff are both grateful and humbled to share each family’s journey through school – to relish the successes, to assist with the challenges, to pick up and dust off after the failures that we all experience at times. We are all partners in the building of our community; its hopes, its dreams, its aspirations, and its capability to achieve them.

I want to conclude by thanking you for the remarkable trust, support, and affirmation you have given our students, our staff, our executive staff, and me. I know it has sustained my own optimism and hope over this very difficult period, and I am confident I am not alone in that. We have shared a remarkable journey and now we move forward into a new phase, buoyed and sustained by that shared hope.

factis non verbis



Brad Fry



Chaplain’s Corner

In my childhood house we had books everywhere. Literally every single possible corner had another bookcase shoehorned in. I have no doubt that this fuelled my passion for reading and is something I am forever grateful to my parents for.  On closer inspection, I have recently realised that almost every book I own is a human book. Each one full of the trials and triumphs of humans.  I have even been accused of reading the most miserable books ever, however, to me, to see the beauty in the rise of a person, you first have to hear the struggle.

 The determination of the human spirit is the one story that so many of us cannot get enough of. Right now, more than ever, we have a shared journey right across the world, and yet it has been so different for each one of us. Right now, we need to hear each other, and listen to each other’s stories.

 We all know that adversity is a great teacher. I wonder what lessons we have learnt over this time of challenge? What strengths have we grown? What gift of understanding have we gained?  This time has undoubtedly forged us as a school community to be far more resilient and capable than we realised was possible. Each person within our school community has done so much that they can be proud of in how they have handled this time of trial.

 The bible is absolutely crammed full of stories of perseverance through adversity. Most of the first Christians were persecuted for their beliefs. Large sections of the new testament were actually written from a prison cell.  It was during this time of extreme adversity that Paul the apostle wrote about finding peace wherever you are.

Paul said, “I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” Philippians 4:11-13

Each one of us has drawn strength and hope to get through this time. For me, my strength has come from my faith and the humans in my life. In finding humour and simple joys where we can.  I wonder what it has been for you and for those around you.  

Each member of our school community has come to far this term, as we have journeyed this strange time of being together but apart. The bible encourages us to hold onto what we know to be true and never give up hope.  I wanted to end with the quote that I have on my wall by CS Lewis.   “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”  



Elizabeth Cutter

Acting Chaplain

Acting Head of Religion Studies

9A Pastoral Mentor

Farm Curriculum Co-ordinator



Music Matters

Virtual Choir brings our Songbirds together!

We were thrilled to launch at the end of Term 3 week a delightful ‘virtual’ choir performance of an uplifting song, “The Defining Moment” by Pinkzebra. The lyrics of this song encapsulate so many of the positive elements which have resulted from our community working together to grow stronger through the challenges of the past few months. Seeing the joy on the faces of our students as they sing, and hearing their wonderful voices unifying (and harmonising!) throughout this song remind us of the importance of taking each day in our stride and looking forward with confidence and a sense of achievement. If you have not yet watched this compilation, please check it out below:


Quieter start to Term 4 than usual

Our Music Staff were very much looking forward to seeing some students back on site this term, ready to re-commence music lessons and some ensemble work. As Music Educators, we know that the mental health and wellbeing of students is paramount and that participation in music provides many students with a place of connectedness and safety and an oft-needed outlet for relaxation. The immense benefits of music making on mental health and academic achievement are well documented. Participating in music education instils a sense of identity, creativity and self-expression into the daily experiences of our young charges and provides extensive opportunities for developing friendships with like-minded peers, and co-operation and collaboration with them.

Whilst we are disappointed that we cannot conduct music lessons or rehearsals using voice, wind and brass instruments at the moment, unless for essential assessment, e.g. VCE, it has been delightful to hear pianos and drums and stringed instruments filling the music corridors once again. There have been a number of representations from Music Education bodies to the government regarding this situation, and we are hopeful that we will hear our bands and singers striking up again soon. In the meantime, thank you to the wonderful Music Staff and the students for their ongoing patience and commitment to their music, albeit in the online forum. It is wonderful to know that the instruments are not rusting out nor the voices atrophying from underuse. This will make your return to school so much smoother and getting back into lessons and rehearsals ever s much easier. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later!



Community Matters

Welcome to Term 4, 2020:

The Community Relations team hope you were able to enjoy time with family and friends over the school holidays. Once again Term 4 this year will be different to any before, though we are pleased to see the students returning to onsite learning. We will also again be offering North Queensland Mangoes direct from the farm.

Our Community groups are still hard at work, planning for the future, and ways to support our Community. If you would like to get involved with any of our community groups please contact Di Lacey in the Community Relations Office on 9845 7877 or communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au

Here is a look back at some of the events from Term 4, 2019:

TPG Mangoes 2020

It’s mango time again! The Tintern Parent Group is once again offering fresh North Queensland mangoes straight from the farm to you!

Here are all the important details…

  • A tray is filled by weight and will contain somewhere between 12 large and 20 small mangoes.
  • Cost is $26 per tray.
  • Mangoes should be ready for collection in mid-November
  • All families will be emailed confirmation of the delivery date and collection point.
  • Please select here to place your order: https://www.trybooking.com/BLMLZ
  • Orders strictly close on Wednesday 28 October.

Tintern Grammar Alumni

A special thank you to the wonderful volunteers on the Tintern Grammar Alumni (TGA) Committee. They have worked hard and prepared care packages for each Year 12 student students in the lead up to their final exams.

Tintern Grammar Friends of Equestrian

The Friends of Equestrian (FOE) is a community group made of parents and interested parties within the school community who have an interest in all things horsey! We support students within the sport of Equestrian and help and encourage them to pursue their equestrian interests throughout their school life. We also provide physical and financial assistance with events and clinics. Our major event is the Annual Tintern Grammar Interschool Horse Trial Championships, which is a major event in the Interschool Eventing Calendar.

If you have a child who is interested in horses (you don’t even need to own one!) and would like to join our Equestrian Team or you would be interested in becoming an FOE member or committee member, please contact Community Relations on 9845 7777 or email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Community Committee Dates 

Please note that due to Tintern moving to online teaching in response to the Covid19 virus, all Community Group Meetings will be held online.

Further information will be provided.

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG) –Next meeting: Tuesday 13 October at 7.30pm President: Haidee Wallace Zoom: Click here to join meeting Password: TPG
  • Friends of Music (FOM) – Next Meeting: Wednesday 14 October at 8pm President: Debra Fryer Zoom:  Click here to join Meeting   Password: FOM
  • Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF) – Next Meeting: Monday 19 October at 7.30pm President: Michael Biggs Zoom:  Click here to join Meeting   Password: FOYF
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE) – Next Meetings: TBC Zoom:  Click here to join Meeting   Password: FOYF

Community Group Fundraising

Entertainment Books

We are thrilled to announce that Entertainment is going 100% digital. New Entertainment Memberships that we know and love, will only be available via our App from next season onward. Excitingly this means that you Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of activation

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

You can purchase a membership now, for yourself, friend or family member, and activate at any time over the next 6 months (extended from 60 days). You then have 12 months to take full advantage of the many wonderful offers!

You can purchase Woolworths Wish e-vouchers for a 5% discount. Whether purchasing to do your weekly groceries, shopping at Big W, or stocking up on Essentials at BWS, Cellarmasters or Dan Murphy’s, or even getting petrol at Woolworths Caltex, the savings can add up:

Please click here to order your Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG!


ELC News

The Marvellous Water Wheel

As we welcomed back the Early Learners and Pre-Prep’s to the ELC, there was much excitement in the air. The children are enthusiastic to be back in the classroom, reconnecting with peers and engaging in a plethora of learning experiences. At Tintern we are lucky to have such a beautiful and large learning space and we continuously appreciate the natural wonders in our environment.  

There has been one very special and marvellous addition to our outdoor learning space, the water wheel feature. When the children were at home and learning online, our dedicated maintenance staff were diligently making our ideas come alive. We outlined a vague, ‘water wheel’ description and they set to work developing a masterpiece that exceeded our expectation.

The addition of the water wheel, has allowed the children to participate in an experience that allows them to practice and learn a range of skills. Covering topics around weight, volume, speed and engineering alongside aiding in fine and gross motor skills.

There are a lot of different ways that children can use the water wheel, allowing them to investigate and explore movement, trial and error, experiment with the flow of the water and the spinning of the wheel. It is a great way to learn and discover cause and effect. It takes dedication and several pumps to bring the water up from the ground. One of the many wonders has been around the fascination of movement. They marvelled as the water came out of the pump, how it spun the wheel, how they could stop the water in the dam and how it cascaded down the ramps.

With the warmer weather approaching, the water wheel will be a fantastic asset to our program. We look forward to supporting and extending the children’s skills, knowledge and learning in this area over the coming weeks.   



Girls’ Junior School News

Girls’ Junior School News

As we welcomed Junior School students back to school on Monday morning, it was so lovely to see the energy of our students arriving at school. Despite a few nervous beginnings, the students were very excited to be back in their classrooms and the teachers were matching this energy too! Schools are very strange places without children in them. 

As learning on campus resumes our staff have spent a lot of time planning for this time, planning not only for our learning experiences as we always do, but preparing for developing positive well-being support as a key priority. 

Popular parenting expert, Maggie Dent, explains that “We need to focus on what truly matters in education – the people and our relationships with them. When schools prioritise connection, calmness, and cohesion they can seriously improve student wellbeing, especially mentally and emotionally. The sooner students feel safe, in a predictable environment, with positive relationships with their teachers and staff, their brains can begin to function more calmly so they can learn more effectively: Maggie Dent – Schools Key to our kids’ recovery. 

As our students get used to being on campus again, we will ensure there are regular opportunities for mindfulness practices, relationship building exercises, and rebuilding familiar routines in the classrooms. Maggie Dent offers the following 10 Calm School Habits which Girls’ Junior School Staff have been reflecting upon to incorporate into our classrooms. 

1. Strong human connectedness and belonging 

2. One-minute silence at the beginning and end of the day with some soothing music or a sound bath 

3. Regular moments of relaxation and stillness – 30 seconds-1 min 

4. Deep slow breathing/sighing 

5. Thinking pauses, brain breaks, and brain rests 

6. Mindfulness moments – including closed eye exercises 

7. Time in nature with veggie gardens, nature play, and even more outdoor learning opportunities 

8. Gratitude reflections often 

9. Laugher and lightness windows – fun releases the stress hormone cortisol 

10. Movement and music – triggers positive neurochemicals.












Boys’ Junior School News

Boys’ Junior School News 

It was wonderful to welcome our Junior School students back on site yesterday.

The laughter and smiles and fun throughout the day were so uplifting.

In our welcome back Assembly at the start of the day, we talked about UBUNTU…often described as “I am what I am because of who we all are”.

It was never truer than yesterday…each of us as staff was energised, happy, released…because of the emotions and spirit that our boys brought with them.

It was so wonderful to have them all back on site, we certainly felt together more than ever.

As it was Hugh Jackman’s birthday, we also spoke about some of his more memorable moments; initially succumbing to peer pressure when teased as a child for enjoying dancing, the video of support he sent to Quaden Bayle who was filmed terribly upset as a result of bullying; and his song From Now On, which could be the catalyst for a mantra for our boys to endeavour to make changes to their attitude and/or efforts as we start afresh.

It was certainly a most memorable and exciting day in our Junior School.


Middle School News

There was an extra level of excitement as we began Term 4 last week after the announcement by the government regarding the return to school dates for our students. If my calculations are correct, on Monday 12 October it was 116 days since our Year 7s have been on campus and it will be 130 days for our Year 8s and 9s when they return on 26 October. Who would have thought that we would ever have had a year where for a large majority of it, our students were at home more than they were at school, and yet as a community we were able to continue in such a positive and communal way. It certainly wasn’t an easy experience, but it has definitely been a fulfilling one.

Upon return there are many regulations that are in place regarding personal hygiene, social distancing, mask wearing, food, etc. that our community need to abide by to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our members. This is something I’m very confident we will all follow as the opportunity to be back on campus and learning face-to-face is something we are all grateful for.

The experts have highlighted that schools need to be aware how significant change can impact our students and the move from remote learning to face-to-face, albeit an exciting and welcome move, is still a significant change. For this reason, both our pastoral and academic staff will ensure that the return to school routine and workload will be done so in a scaffolded way that allows for social reintegration as well as the development of their academic routines. The mental health and wellbeing of our students is always at the forefront of our decision making.

With the reintegration of students back on to our campus there are a number of activities to look forward to this term as we move toward the end of the academic year. Our Year 9s have a week of Summer Expeditions beginning Monday 30 November to Friday 4 December. Currently this is scheduled to be the expeditions that we would hope: white water rafting, mountain bike riding, hiking, sea kayaking, etc., however, it is most likely that this will have to be an altered program that Ms Lowing has prepared. Regardless of the situation, our Year 9s will still experience an amazing week of activities that will help them to celebrate the end of their Middle School journey.

Our Year 8s focus on leadership this term with lessons in their pastoral time looking at aspects of leadership such as effective styles, successful leaders, etc. This is also when our current Year 8s apply to be the leaders of our Middle School for 2021. Another exciting and important event for our Year 7s is the annual Night of the Notables. This is something normally done earlier in the year, however, we have postponed it for as long as we can. Students will be researching in depth a person of interest to them that fits within the parameters given to them, finding out everything they can about this person and what they achieved in their life. Normally we would have an expo type evening for parents to attend and see their work, however, this year we will be creating a virtual expo that will allow the community to see all of the amazing work done by our Year 7s.

In the first week of Term 4 we held our Year 7 2021 Orientation day using Zoom. The session provided the opportunity for our incoming students of 2021 to get to know each other a little bit more before starting next year. A large number of the activities were run by our current Year 9s who did an amazing job in facilitating conversation, games and some fun.

We currently have 2 groups of Year 9s participating in a Global Youth Advocacy Forum where they are connecting with schools around the world to look at issues to do with Equity and Equality, as well as wellbeing. Mrs Bortolussi and Ms Lowing are leading these students through what is an amazing opportunity to connect with other students their age around the world and look at global issues that impact our world.

Another opportunity that has been presented to our students is the opportunity to be involved in the Global Social Leaders Global Goal Competition. This competition is aimed at developing students’ understanding of global citizenship and to turn their ideas into reality. The projects support young people to develop and action projects that help to achieve the goals of the United Nations. Mrs Fulton is mentoring and guiding a number of groups of students to participate in this competition. The program is a great opportunity for any student to get involved in and they are encouraged to reach out to Mrs Fulton if they would like to be involved.

The return to school is exciting, but not without it’s own challenges for our students. We are very excited to have the Year 7s back with us, and look forward to the 8s and 9s returning on the 26 October.  As parents, please be aware of the impacts that significant change can have on your child/children and don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have questions or suggestions regarding the move back to on-campus learning.



Senior College News

A special thank you to the Tintern Grammar Alumni (TGA) Committee volunteers for generously providing care packages for our Year 12 students in the lead up to their final exams. The students were delighted to receive their care packages this morning during their pastoral mentor sessions.



Vale Helen Reddy (YG 1958)

Vale Helen Reddy (YG 1958) 24/10/1941 – 29/9/2020

The Tintern community are saddened to learn that one of our inaugural Avenue of Excellence inductees, Helen Reddy passed away yesterday, aged 78. Helen will be well remembered for the iconic anthem she co-wrote, “I am Woman” which she won a Grammy Award for the Best Female Pop Vocal performance in 1972. Helen attended Tintern in Hawthorn during the 1950’s but didn’t make the move out to East Ringwood and finished her schooling at a local school in Hawthorn. Our sincere condolences are extended to her two children, Traci and Jordan at this sad time. May she Rest in Peace.


 How To Deal With Stress

 How To Deal With Stress

Knowing how to manage stress can help you to be happier and healthier in the long run. Coping with stress is about trying to solve the problems that are within your control and learning to accept the things you cannot change. The next time you are feeling stressed, ask yourself these four questions to help you decide on your next move.

  1. What is the issue?

It’s easier to manage stress once you know exactly what’s stressing you out. It could be one big thing that is weighing on your shoulders, or lots of little things that have built up over time. It nothing obvious comes to mind, talk to someone you trust. A fresh pairs of eyes and ears can help to shed light on the situation.

  1. Can you do anything to change it?

 Once you have pinned down what is stressing you, it’s time to think about the problem realistically. Is there anything I can do to change the situation so that it may cause less stress?

  1. If so, what?

If you have some control over the situation, you can try to use problem-solving skills to reduce the amount of stress it causes you. An example of something you have control over is an exam that’s coming up in a few weeks. One way of dealing with this is to write up a study schedule to keep you motivated and stay on track.


  1. If not, what can you do to feel better about it?

If the situation is outside of your control, then trying to change it will only make you feel more stressed. An example of something that you have little control over is having received a low grade on an important exam. In this case it is better to try to change the things you do have control over, such as how you think about the situation, your self- talk, whether you talk to someone you trust and how you treat yourself while you are stressed out. Being mindful will also help you to feel less stressed when a problem is outside of your control. There are a variety of apps that can help with mindfulness. 



What if I’m still not coping?

If you are still struggling to cope with stress, it’s a good idea to talk with a GP or a mental health professional about what is going on. Learning how is deal with stress can be a long process but try to remember that there are lots of ideas that can help and people who can assist you on the way.



Catie McNamara

Director Students Welfare Services




Update on Trips and Tours for 2021

Update on Trips and Tours for 2021

Saying that 2020 has been challenging would be something of an understatement! This has also been true for Tintern’s Trips and Tours, with all our exciting trips cancelled for the year.

Because of the continuing uncertainty for 2021, we have had to accept the extreme unlikelihood of being able to travel to China, France or Vietnam next year. With the long lead up times for planning for these we have decided to postpone these offerings for 2021. We have, however, endeavoured to re-think our carefully planned programme to continue to offer meaningful experiences to Tintern students while keeping them and the accompanying staff safe. These trips are vital in enriching our students’ experiences beyond the curricular and co-curricular offerings. They help to reinforce all the Compass points that underpin a Tintern education, namely Responsibility, Commitment, Integrity, Independence, Compassion, Fulfilment, Respect, Confidence.

We are currently making great progress in designing a Geography trip to New Zealand in the mid-year break which we feel has a higher likelihood of being able to run. This will be offered to Years 10 to 12 students, priority being given to Year 12 students. This trip has been tremendously successful in the past and, travel bubble allowing, we have no doubt that it will be another exciting and enriching experience for our students. Should this trip be confirmed, an information session will be scheduled in early 2021.

Furthermore, while an Indigenous immersion programme was meant to take place in 2020, we have made preliminary plans to move it to September 2021. This challenging yet fascinating experience will be offered to students who will be in Years 8 to 11 in 2021, providing they are not completing any unit 3/4 subjects. We have locked in dates that will allow Tintern students to learn more about Australia’s rich indigenous history and culture, and we are hoping to hold an information session at the beginning of Term 1, 2021.

Finally, we have also had to re-think our linguistic offerings for students of French. While traveling to France seems unlikely in the foreseeable future, New Caledonia is an attractive alternative that would allow our Senior College students to go to a language school to deepen their knowledge of French and live with a French-speaking family for 8 to 10 days. We are only just beginning to make enquiries, but New Caledonia has certainly been something of a winner in the covid battle, as, to date, it has had no community transmission. It remains to be seen if they will be happy to welcome Australian travellers in 2021.

While I would be thrilled to be able to say that these trips are definitely happening, there is no doubt that the global pandemic has hampered everyone’s ability to plan anything too far in advance. It is therefore vital to remember that we will only confirm these offerings once we are fully satisfied that everyone involved can travel to and from our destinations safely.

Sebastien Lauret

Trips and Tours Co-ordinator



Tintern Fair Update – Important news

Tintern Fair Update – Important news

As we all know, our biennial Tintern Fair is a wonderful event that attracts so many members of our Tintern and wider local community, involving a variety of stallholders and attractions.  Scheduling, organisation and arrangements have to be planned and booked at least 6 – 8 months in advance of each Fair.

Current restrictions and a sense of uncertainty re the start of 2021 have led the TPG to make the considered decision to postpone the next Tintern Grammar Fair to 2022, rather than Term 1 next year and was going to be the case, so that it can be an event that is, as always, accessible by a large crowd, involves all members of our Community and highlighted by stalls and entertainment that reflects the excellence and quality synonymous with our school.

With 2022 also being a milestone year for Tintern, signifying 100 years of the Tintern Association and 145 year of our wonderful School, the School Fair will be an even more important and celebratory occasion.

We look forward to sharing the Tintern Grammar Fair with all of our Community in 2022.


EISM Update

Due to the ongoing restrictions in place EISM sport has been cancelled for term four for years 7-9 students. Sport sessions will occur at Tintern during their normal time, in year level groups only.



TPG Mango Drive

It’s mango time again! The Tintern Parent Group is once again offering fresh North Queensland mangoes straight from the farm to you! Here are all the important details…
– A tray is filled by weight and will contain somewhere between 12 large and 20 small mangoes.
– Cost is $26 per tray.
– Mangoes should be ready for collection in mid-November
– All families will be emailed confirmation of the delivery date and collection point.
– Please select here to place your order: https://www.trybooking.com/BLMLZ
– Orders strictly close on Wednesday 28 October.

Transdev Bus Service

Transdev will be operating all school bus services as normal to support students returning to school in Term 4. Transdev has introduced a number of measures to protect students who rely on bus services. 

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 cash is no longer accepted on the public transport network. Despite this, all students are expected to travel with a valid ticket. Students are encouraged to top up their myki before travelling. Find out how to top up before you travel here.


Financial Assistance For Parents & Students With Health Care Cards

Financial Assistance For Parents & Students With Health Care Cards

In recognition of the impact of COVID-19 on schools and families, the Department of Education and Training has announced an extension to the CSEF (Camp Sports Excursion Funding) to help support families who have more recently become eligible for a Health Care Card due to financial hardship.

If you have a Health Care Card that is valid on or before 5th October, 2020 , please complete and return the attached CSEF Application Form as soon as possible.

A CSEF claim can only be made once per year. If you are unsure whether you have already submitted a claim for CSEF Funding this year or should you have any other queries, please contact Debra Urquhart in the Finance Office on 9845 7814 or email durquhart@tintern.vic.edu.au