11 Oct 2022

From our Principal

Sharing knowledge, understanding, and commitment to student progress.

Student learning and growth is a partnership of the best sort. When teachers and mentors work with parents and a broader community to support young people, great things happen for those young people! Each person in this set of relationships occupies a different role, and these roles evolve over time as a child matures and moves through the School, but each one is important.

In Junior School, students are usually very happy to have parents helping at home with homework or enquiry investigations, listening to reading, or other school-based activities (and parents are often amazed at the curiosity and energy of their young learner!) Later in Junior School, and through Middle School, many or most young people become less open to parental involvement, and this tends to carry through to the end of secondary school, more’s the pity. Part of this is about the development of autonomy, part is about the uncertainty of adolescence, it may be influenced by lack of personal confidence or feelings of the need for privacy at times, and of course there is often a tendency to feel one’s parents are a little ‘past it’ when we are teenagers!

So, maintaining the triangle of parent, School and student working collaboratively together becomes more challenging for many parents as  students mature, but its importance does not wane, and in fact it possibly becomes greater for some students. Two things are key in this:

First, reflecting on my time as a parent to two Year 12 students, it is clear to me that to be able to support and assist my Year 12 (or Year 11, 10 or 9), I needed to keep the engagement, assistance, and support constant through Junior and Middle Schools, sometimes at odds with my own child’s wishes, which was a tricky challenge to navigate. I also look back and feel strongly that consistent contact and presence with classroom teachers in Junior School, subject teachers and Pastoral Mentors and Year Level Co-ordinators in secondary is/was also critical. Both these can be unpopular with children at times and balancing the maintaining of relationships with our children is also key to future connection and opportunity to support. As we often say to students about academic preparation, you can’t just turn it on at the business end of things, and partnering with our children in their learning is no different! We cannot start it in Year 12!

The second is to find and use opportunities to establish or strengthen the parent, School, child learning partnerships. This is something that has gradually become more visible in schools, and ours is no exception. I particularly think of what used to be called ‘Parent/Teacher’ meetings. Parents would meet with class or subject teachers, teachers would inform parents of the good and not so good (historically often much more of the latter, sadly) and then at some point this might then be conveyed to the student by the parent. Missing from this is the voice, understanding and shared commitment of the student. This is the reason we have moved all secondary and many of our more mature primary student year levels to ‘Student Progress Meetings’ with the student present and participating.

These meetings offer impressive potential to share achievement and progress and to discuss improvements, and for all partners to co-contribute to plans for the future. They are powerful learning tools for young people, and support effective learning partnerships that amplify outcomes for students. However, for a range of reasons, some students may be reluctant to attend. In the spirit of the power of partnerships, student attendance is what makes these so powerful. So, from the first opportunity, please strongly encourage your child to come to these and if queried, use the ‘why’ of the ‘this is why it’s a good idea’ as persuasion. They will reap the benefits to their learning and in the relationships that these meetings foster.


factis non verbis




Bradley Fry | Principal


Celebration Evening

Monday 17 October is the Tintern Grammar community’s biggest night of celebration. 

We congratulate Year 7-12 award recipients, enjoy the grandeur of our orchestras and bands and farewell the Class of 2022.

At Robert Blackwood Hall – Monash University 49 Scenic Blvd, Clayton.

Tickets are available to parents of Secondary students – book now


Senior Visual Arts & Design Exhibition 2022

Visit our exhibition 

We hope you can join us for the official opening of the 2022 Senior Visual Arts & Design Exhibition on Friday 14 October, 6.30pm – 8.30pm in the Visual Arts & Design Exhibition space.

We are thrilled at its return to the social calendar after a 2-year hiatus. Please join us for a night of celebration and accolades for everyone involved. As teachers – we often see the hard work that goes into completing a folio subject. The opportunity for students to exhibit their final work in the Senior Art Show is one where we can celebrate the striking achievements that the students have produced from VCE Studio Art, Visual Communication Design and Product Design Technology. Friends, family and the wider community are warmly welcomed.

This exhibition is a celebration of the creativity, ingenuity and dedication of these young artists and designers, and is open for viewing from 8.30 am to 4pm weekdays until 20 November.

Alongside the works are artists statements that explain the concepts behind the works, as well as the students visual diaries and folios – which are artworks in themselves!

We will be serving refreshments on the opening night, and guests will be treated to various speakers, including a renowned local artist Emma Jennings as well as the 2022 Art Captains.




ELC News

Term 4 off to a flying start

The first week back has been filled with children warmly greeting their friends and re-establishing friendships. The children have enjoyed sharing their stories of what they did during the two-week break. From swimming for hours in a pool at Port Douglas, to seeing a real octopus at the Aquarium to riding their bike or watching the footy, the children have certainly been busy.

The children are excited to be back in their classrooms and engaging in a variety of learning experiences.  Our learning environments are planned and adjusted accordingly to meet the changing needs of all children and to promote and maximise children’s learning and development, enhance inclusion and support children’s curiosity.

As the weather warms up the children have been enjoying spending time outside. Our new wooden tee pee has been a great attraction to our ELC play ground. The children were delighted to see it and already it has been used for a variety of things – from a castle, to a spot to hide when playing hide and seek (a favourite game at the moment for many of our Early Learner children!), a quiet area to sit and think, an area to read, build with blocks or have fun with a friend.

We look forward to supporting and extending the children’s skills, knowledge and learning in our programs over the coming weeks of Term 4.

Genevieve Brown | Teacher


Girls’ Junior School News

You decide to wander in a city by walking 3 blocks North, then 4 blocks West, then 5 blocks South. You keep walking like this: 3 blocks, then 4 blocks, then 5 blocks, turning 90 degrees left after every stretch. What does your path look like? How many times do you turn before you return to where you started?

Teaching Mathematics is one of the more complex aspects of being a Primary Classroom Teacher. A wide range of concepts lie within the subject, and students bring a wide range of abilities, experiences, ideas, misconceptions, and attitudes to the classroom. At Tintern a powerful platform assists teachers in Years 5 and 6 to hit the sweet spot and ensure students are learning.

Maths Pathway, to which all Year 5 and 6 students are subscribed, is a collection of online resources. Initially, adaptive tests referred to as ‘Diagnostics’ establish a student’s prior knowledge. Based on this, the system recommends which students should partake in small group teaching sessions focusing on specific concepts from the Australian Mathematics Curriculum.

When not in the small group sessions, students work independently using the targeted online modules. A specific skill is covered in each module which contains explanations, videos, diagrams and a series of questions. Modules are only made available if students master the prerequisite skills, ensuring that independent work is achievable.

Fortnightly tests are automatically generated based on recently completed independent tasks. Success on these tests confirms mastery of the concepts. To complement this, there are problem solving contexts referred to as ‘Rich Tasks’ such as the above city walking problem, and quick warm-up games or prompts known as ‘Energisers’.

Behind it all is a database of staggering usefulness. The regular inputs from diagnostics, completed modules and tests generate data which teachers can act on immediately, in all 12 strands of Mathematics and up to Year 10. The data is displayed and broken down in various ways and allows teachers to track progress and set goals individually, accurately and efficiently.

Support is provided to teachers by the Mathematics experts and educators who run the platform. Teachers who are asked to teach students working at a very high level are supported by the platform through resources and lesson plans. They often observe that students working at a very high level have high enthusiasm for Mathematics and are able to take control of their own learning.

The Year 6 Girls were asked what their favourite parts of Mathematics are:


‘Learning to do algebra because it’s a new concept and personally I find it very interesting and fun’. Milla


‘My favourite part of maths is decimals because I finally learnt it, and its fun to do’. Sierra


‘I like algebra and Pythagoras because they stretch my brain’. Shriya


I encourage you to try to solve the above problem, (use some grid paper). You can then start playing with the parameters, altering the numbers and see for yourself what happens!

Nick Adeney | Year 6 Girls Teacher





Boys’ Junior School News

On Friday we had the pleasure and privilege of sharing in the Year 12 Leavers’ Assembly, an opportunity to acknowledge and thank our Year 12s as they come to the end of their Secondary Schooling.

Georgia Norton, who has been at Tintern since Pre-Prep, spoke of her journey and was followed by Mark Evans, who joined Tintern in 2014.

I have attached a copy of Mark’s speech, as written and prepared by him, with this news. It is a considered, personal and impactful speech that is a just reflection of his outstanding character, including humility, care and strength, but also holds some key messages for our boys that we shared in Assembly yesterday.


Another significant moment in the Assembly was when Prep girl Emily, and our very own Prep boy Titus,  presented our 12s with a card from our Prep-Year 2 girls and boys, giving our ‘leavers’ best wishes as they begin their new chapter.

Titus’ confidence and leadership as he read the card was wonderful…I look forward to seeing him up on stage at the Leavers Assembly in 11 years time.



Adam Kenny | Head of Boys’ Junior School and Director of Students


Secondary News

Welcome back to Term 4

It was great to see the many smiling faces return to campus on Monday 3 October to begin the final term for 2022. Our Year 12s (and those in other year levels studying a Unit 3 and Unit 4 subject) had spent the two weeks of the holidays busily studying and preparing for their upcoming examinations. This included the trial examinations that we ran in the second week where all our Year 12s were rostered through a timetable of mock examinations as part of their practice and revision process. These trial examinations are run in the same manner as their VCAA examinations later this month, helping to ensure that our students are aware of the format and procedures.

Year 12 Leavers’ Assembly

On Friday 7 October we held our Year 12 Leavers’ Assembly where we had the entire school (Prep – Yr 12) assembled in CM Wood to congratulate and celebrate the Class of 2022. The assembly included a special welcome to the Year 12s followed by reflections from two of our longer serving students on their experiences through Tintern and Southwood in the earlier days.

There was a video that played photos from the years past of all the Year 12s bringing many of them to tears as they all reflected on their own journey to this point. To conclude the assembly our Class of 2022 were provided with a guard of honour from the rest of the school, including our ELC students. This guard of honour snaked it’s way around the Junior School buildings and back up to the Senior College with all students and staff from the school lining the journey and providing them with celebratory support.

Brett Trollope | Head of Secondary 


Music Matters

Term 4 to start with a bang!

In years gone by, we in the Music Department have always looked forward to the start of Term 4 with great anticipation, as months of work in Term 3 culminated in our musical performances at Celebration Evening. In 2020 and 2021, Term 4 started with a bit of a whimper in Music-Land, but 2022 brings us back to much rehearsing and music-making before school and after school, as we prepare for the big night next Monday 17 October. We are very much looking forward to hearing the musical offerings of our students, as interludes between the award presentations and speeches.

And the pièce de resistance on the night will be the premiere public performance of our new School Anthem, By deeds not words. It will be wonderful to have such an important community event conducted ‘live’ again and we look forward to joining Tintern families at Robert Blackwood Hall next Monday evening.


Save the Dates for more marvellous music making

 Final Twilight Concert for 2022

The final Tintern Twilight Concert for 2022 will take place in Area C in the CM Wood Centre on Wednesday 19 October. Students ranging from Year 7 to some of our more seasoned VCE level musicians will entertain the audience with a mixture of string, vocal, woodwind and piano pieces.


Time to join the Friends of Music and Munch with the Musos

Start to dust off your Christmas finery (reindeer ears, Santa hats and tinselly halos welcome) and be ready to come along to the CM Wood Centre at 10am on Sunday 27 November for the Mammoth Musically Momentous occasion aptly named the Friends of Music ‘Munch with the Musos!’

Watch this space for booking details in the next newsletter.


Sport Matters

House Swimming Carnival

On Wednesday 14 September Tintern Grammar held the annual House Swimming Carnivals. It was a fantastic day full of house spirit and fun, with students swimming their best for their houses. The day started with the boy’s carnival in the morning and finished with the girl’s carnival in the afternoon. Congratulations to all of the students for their excellent participation on the day.

During the boy’s carnival the racing was excellent, the atmosphere was fun, and the scores remained close throughout the entire carnival. The girl’s carnival was also a event of close races, as the girl’s loudly cheered on their competitors throughout the afternoon. 

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded year level champions:

Year 7 Girls: Mayah Dass

Year 7 Boys: Ethan Cheang

Year 8 Girls: Tracey Dai

Year 8 Boys: Tiger Meng

Year 9 Girls: Hallie Walder

Year 9 Boys: Shenghao Jin

Year 10 Girls: Emily Block

Year 10 Boys: Robbie Woods

Year 11 Girls: Ella Jones

Year 11 Boys: Boyd Pearce-Schmidt

Year 12 Girls: Sienna Dass

Year 12 Boys: Ben McKee


Congratulations to Butterss/Cross for winning both the girls and boys carnivals for 2022. Overall results were:

Boys Swimming Carnival:

1st          Butterss/Cross                 1490 Points

2nd         Gordon/Grant                 1450 Points

3rd          Dann/Watt                       1444 Points

4th          Somner/Stewart             1368 Points       

5th          Mansfield/McKie            1346 Points

Girls Swimming Carnival:

1st          Butterss/Cross                 1576 Points

2nd         Dann/Watt                       1458 Points

3rd          Gordon/Grant                  1419 Points

4th          Mansfield/McKie            1407 Points

5th          Somner/Stewart              1364 Points



1st Butters/Cross 3066
2nd Dann/Watt 2902
3rd Gordon/Grant 2869
4th Mansfield/McKie 2753
5th Somner/Stewart 2732

Health Matters

Thunderstorm Asthma 

With the arrival of spring comes grass pollen season, lasting from October to December each year.  Through this time we will see a seasonal increase in asthma and hay fever.  It also brings the chance of thunderstorm asthma.  A large number of people can develop asthma symptoms over a short period of time, caused by high amounts of grass pollen and a certain type of thunderstorm, it is known as epidemic thunderstorm asthma.

We would encourage any students who suffer from asthma or hay fever to be aware of thunderstorm asthma and how it may affect them.  Where possible our school community will avoid being outside during thunderstorms, especially if there are windy conditions beforehand.  All students with asthma should have an up to date asthma action plan filled in by your local Doctor.  Reliever medication for asthma students should be carried on them at all times.  Hay fever sufferers are encouraged to take daily anti histamines to help combat symptoms across this period.  Being aware of the daily forecast is also a useful tool, and at Tintern First Aid this is something we will keep a close eye on during the school day. 

Further details are available in the attached document around how this is managed on a daily basis at Tintern Grammar.

Please see video below which explains thunderstorm asthma, useful for both parents and students to view.


Email to parents 


Year 7 Vaccine Program

Term 4 – Wednesday 12th October 2022

Wednesday 12th our Year 7 students will receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine 2nd dose, by our local council immunisation team.

This will be conducted onsite in the morning at Tintern, in a similar fashion as it was earlier this year.  No further consent is required as this has been completed from our first immunisation session.  Students are encouraged to wear PE uniform on this day.

Below you will find useful links with information about the importance of vaccination, frequently asked questions and the many health benefits it provides to our younger population.

Please forward any further queries to firstaid@tintern.vic.edu.au .







Kylie McDonald and Vivien Amalfi  | Tintern First Aid





Community Matters

Welcome to Term 4, 2022

It is hard to believe we are already in Term 4 (and only just over 10 weeks until Christmas!).

There is a very exciting Term ahead for our Community Groups, with many wonderful events and fundraisers:

  • Tintern Parent Group Community Fun Day – Saturday 22 October 2022 from 1pm to 6pm
  • Community Spring Luncheon – Thursday 10 November 11:30am to 2:30pm – Zonzo Estate Winery
  • Friends of Music Munch With The Musos – Sunday 27 November at 10am to 12.30pm
  • Volunteer Thank You Night – Thursday 25 November – Tintern Year 9 Courtyard
  • Tintern Parent Group Mango Drive 2022 – orders open now!

We look forward to a busy and exciting term ahead!

Di Lacey and Tegan Martin
Community Relations

TPG Mango Drive 2022

We have Fresh North Queensland Mangoes delivered direct from the farm to Tintern Grammar, ready for collection. Mangoes should arrive at school late November. Once we have a confirmed date, we will be in touch to arrange a drive through collection time.
  • A tray is filled by weight and will contain somewhere between 12 large and 20 small mangoes.
  • Cost is $27 per tray.
  • Mangoes should be ready for collection late November
  • Pick up will be from the ELC Centre space, Bush or Bus Bay Car parks.
  • All families will be emailed to book in a collection time once we have a delivery date.
  • Please select here to place your order: https://events.humanitix.com/tpg-mango-drive-2022 
  • Orders strictly close on Thursday 20 October 2022

Presentation Ball 2022

The Centre Ivanhoe was the site of a truly enchanted evening for our 2022 Presentation Ball on Friday 16 September. The students looked incredible, and presented themselves with poise and grace on the night.

We would like to thank our incredible volunteer event organiser, Josie Ryan, who was supported by Di Lacey, our Alumni and Community Relations Manager. They both worked incredibly hard to organise a truly memorable event for the Presentees and their guests.

We would also like to thank the Volunteers who attended to assist on the night; Pooja Mathur, Michelle Elias, Dorothy Ou and Ryhan Begum. We were grateful to have your support on the evening, ensuring that all the different elements were managed with smoothly and calmly on the night.

Thank you also to Adam Kenny, who was the MC, and came early to reassure our Presentees.

If you are interested in being involved in the Presentation Ball in 2023, either as part of the organising Committee or volunteering on the night, please contact us in Community Relations by phone on 9845 7877 or email to communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au. We are grateful for the support of our generous volunteers, who make events like the Presentation Ball possible.

Seeking Volunteers for the Community Fun Day

We are seeking volunteers for our Community Fun Day.

We are looking for people who can assist on a shift at the Friends of Music BBQ. Available shifts are:

  • 12.45pm to 3pm
  • 3pm to 5pm
  • 5pm to 7pm (includes pack up after the event)

If you are able to assist you can book your time slot online here: https://signup.com/go/XsoSKmO

All Volunteers do require a current Working With Children Check. It is easy and free to register for a volunteer card, you can read more or apply online here.

We are also seeking Volunteers who have a current RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Qualification. If you are able to assist on the day, please contact Di Lacey or Tegan Martin using the information below.

If you have any questions, please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 or by email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Come along and enjoy the free activities, including a bungee trampoline and train, and meet the Tintern Farm animals.

Bring your own picnic rugs and/or chairs, and enjoy a picnic on the oval. You can bring your own, or purchase food from a selection of delicious food trucks; Cafe 2 You, Tom’s Mobile Ice Creams, Friends of Music Sausage Sizzle and Bacon and Egg Stall, Cyclone Tatties and Morgans Winery.

Chris Hume, Bunurong and Yorta Yorta man from Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place will be delivering a smoking ceremony to start the day off. Then enjoy musical performances from our incredible Tintern Grammar students.

Book your attendance online here for a complimentary entry in to our door prizes, with winners announced throughout the afternoon!

Principal’s Volunteer Thank You Evening

We greatly appreciate the support of our volunteers, who have given their time and expertise to help make the many Community events held throughout the year so amazing, particularly after 2 difficult years for Community Events.

We invite everyone to attend the Principal’s  Volunteer Thank You night, where we celebrate and acknowledge our incredible volunteers over drinks and canapés. Please book your ticket by selecting here.

Munch with the Musos – Save the Date

Munch with the Musos is Tintern’s Friends of Music fabulous end of year social event. Please Save the Date now for Sunday 27 November at 10am to 12.30pm.

It is a fundraising brunch which brings the Tintern community together to celebrate the end of the year with a Christmas themed concert from the school’s talented ensembles. 

Booking details coming soon. 

Community Spring Luncheon

Join us for a beautiful lunch at Zonzo Estate Winery in the Yarra Valley on Thursday 10 November 11:30am to 2:30pm.

With a glass of wine or bubbly on arrival and Zonzo’s delicious share plates, it is set to be a fantastic event not to be missed. A great chance to catch up with our community, current families and guests, past students and past families all are welcome at this over 18’s event.

Limited numbers so book now.

Interested in taking on the role of Parent Representative?

Wanting to continue as Parent Rep for your 2023 Class or Year Level?

Parent Representative are a liaison between parents/guardians and the school. Informing parents about activities planned either by Tintern, our community groups or within the class or year level, such as fundraisers or events.

Parent Reps also organise class or year level functions to provide parents with the opportunity of meeting and socialising in a relaxed atmosphere. It would be a great opportunity for class groups to connect, while supporting our local community cafes and restaurants still recovering from the lockdowns.

We greatly appreciate the time and commitment given by our Parent Reps. This role is suitable for Parents or Guardians who are in the workforce or who undertake home responsibilities. It can be shared between many people, or looked after by one person.

A special thank you to our wonderful team of Parent Representatives from 2022. We greatly appreciated your support of our events and fundraisers throughout 2022.

If you would like to volunteer to be your Year Level’s Parent Representative in 2023, would like further information, or happy to continue in your current role, contact us by email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au or by phone 03 9845 7877.

Tintern Grammar Alumni (TGA) Care Packages

Thank you to the Tintern Grammar Alumni (TGA) for visiting our Year 12 students on Monday.3 October, providing words of advice leading into the exam period and presenting each student a care pack. Each care pack was put together with thoughtful items for our students.

Sydney and Brisbane Chapter Reunions 2022

In celebration of 145 years of Tintern we were proud to host two wonderful Chapter Reunions for our interstate Alumni.  

The first was held on Saturday 1 October in Sydney, hosted at the historic Royal Automobile Club of Australia building on Macquarie Street. Our guests enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with their school and meet other Alumni living in New South Wales, while enjoying a delicious two course lunch. Thank you to alumna Pamela Cameron (Fowler YG 1965) for the suggestion of this incredible venue.

Many of our Alumni living in Queensland were also excited to attend the Brisbane Chapter Reunion, held at the stunning Customs House on Sunday 2 August. Guests were able to reminisce about their time at Tintern whilst enjoying a delicious High Tea.

Mr Bradley Fry attended both Reunions and appreciated the opportunity to meet the attendees; ranging from the recently graduated to some who farewelled Tintern over 60 years ago.

Footy Tipping Competition – AFLW Competition Now Open!

Don’t forget our AFLW Footy Tipping Competition is open, and it isn’t too late to join! The competition is free and open to our entire adult Tintern Community – Tintern Grammar students will not be permitted to enter.

To join, or for more information, use the link below and either log in to your account or create one:

•             AFLW Tipping Competition:  https://www.footytips.com.au/comps/Tintern_Grammar_Community 

•             Password: tintern

Good luck and start tipping!

Tintern Umbrellas

If you have ordered your Tintern Umbrella, please don’t forget to collect it from the Uniform Shop. Bring along your purchase confirmation email during the opening hours of Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am to 4.30pm.

If you have any questions, please contact the TPG by email to parentgroup@tintern.vic.edu.au

A very limited quantity of the smaller style umbrellas are still available for purchase online here.

Community Committee Dates 

Community Group Meetings are now back onsite. Please check the information below carefully for details:

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG) –Next meeting: Thursday 13 October at 7pm President: Haidee Wallace Location: Join online by selecting here.
  • Friends of Music (FOM) – Next Meeting: Wednesday 12 October 2022 at 7pm  President: Debra Fryer Location: CM Wood Common Room Or join online by selecting here
  • Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF) – Next Meeting: Contact us for further information 
  • Friends of Snowsports (FOS) – Next Meeting: Contact us for further information 
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE) – Next Meeting: Contact us for further information  Co-Presidents: Nelaana Heinrich and Sherie Vicary-Carter 

Please select here to view a Tintern map of the meeting venues.

Please note the following CovidSafe considerations to attend an onsite Community Group Meeting:

  • Please remember to social distance.
  • The wearing of masks when indoors at Tintern is required at this time.

Community Group Fundraising

Entertainment Book

The Entertainment Book is 100% digital! Excitingly this means that your Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of activation

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

You can purchase a membership now, for yourself, friend or family member, and activate at any time over the next 6 months (extended from 60 days). You then have 12 months to take full advantage of the many wonderful offers!

You can purchase Woolworths Wish e-vouchers for a 3% discount. Whether purchasing to do your weekly groceries, shopping at Big W, or stocking up on Essentials at BWS, Cellarmasters or Dan Murphy’s, or even getting petrol at Woolworths Caltex, the savings can add up.

Please click here to order your Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG!

Photo Albums

Luxury Tintern Photo Albums embossed with the Tintern Grammar logo in silver on a blue buckram cover.

The Tintern Parents Group have commissioned a limited number of albums, large enough to hold the school photos provided by SchoolPix.

They feature the Tintern Grammar Logo printed in silver on the front cover and come complete with 10 transparent 30cm x 30cm sheet inserts, plus a CD holder insert which holds 8 discs. You also have the option of purchasing additional sheets/inserts. Cost per album is $75 (GST inclusive) Samples (with content) can be viewed in the uniform shop.

Additional insert sheets are also available for purchase at $2 per sheet.

Simply place your order online here, and present your order confirmation at the Uniform Shop to collect your album

Uniform Shop Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am to 4.30pm


Spring Luncheon

We invite you to this special luncheon in the Yarra Valley on Thursday 10 November. Come solo or bring a friend enjoy a glass of wine or bubbly on arrival and delicious share plates. You may win one of our door prizes.

Bookings close 20 October, don’t miss out. 

Book Now