07 Feb 2023


2023, is it just a new year, or truly a new year?

Welcome to 2023 and for new families, welcome to Tintern Grammar! In meeting with staff, families and students over the last two weeks, there has been a lightness of being that was not visible at the same time in 2021, or 2022. Our community has spoken of feeling that the summer break really was a break, unlike the last two summers. I hope this has been the case for you too, and that you are feeling this same sense of freedom and buoyancy that has been so visible at our school events this year.

Welcome Coffee Morning

Already we have had very well attended Coffee Mornings for new secondary parents, and the Day 1 Coffee morning for all parents, leading up to our Foundation Service last Friday where we introduced all new students, and our Year 7 cohort were presented to our community and given their ‘Class of 2028’ badges. This is a very significant event for those young people and for the many parents who were able to attend.

Watch the video of the 2023 Foundation Service 


This week we have Information Evenings for ELC and Junior School on Wednesday, and Middle School and Senior College on Thursday, each followed by Drinks with the Principal. Our Year 7 students and staff have left for their one-week camp, swimming lessons have begun, and it finally feels like ‘business as usual’ for students, for staff, and I suspect, for families – a significant contrast to the last two years.

So, what does this mean for us all? It means that we can shift from a view where part of our attention is always on the threat and management of the pandemic and renew our focus on the education and growth of our community. Our new Forward Strategy will become progressively more visible to families over the next two to three years, with a very visible future focus – that is a focus on the future needs of our students, staff and community. Already this year I have seen a re-emergence of our young people’s optimism and positive approach to school and life, and the activities of our Forward strategy will support them leveraging that in great learning and growth outcomes. We are crossing an exciting threshold in education generally, but this is particularly so at Tintern!

In thinking about the future for our young people, it was wonderful to see the vast majority of our 2022 leavers receive their first or second tertiary study preference offers from their preferred institution. This indicates admirable application by the students and sound careers guidance at the School. It is unsurprising that after the last three years we have a number of students deferring places and branching out with a GAP year. We are very proud of the hard work and achievements of all our 2022 leavers and wish we them all the best for their very bright and positive futures! We congratulate the outstanding efforts of the Class of 2022, celebrated in our Class of 2022 Results booklet.

To finish, I want to make particular note of the invitations to our 2023 International Women’s Day breakfast, see the flyer in this issue of Aspectus. This is our first in what I hope will become a traditional and much sought after event for both younger and older women and men in our community. It is open to our secondary students, families and alumni and to ensure we can engage our whole community, it is not limited to women. We will have limited spaces that have been offered to a very large cohort, so I suspect seats will go quickly. If you wish to attend, you will need to move quickly, I suspect and I hope to see you there!

I wish you, your children and family, and our whole community, a wonderful, exciting year filled with opportunity, challenge, and growth for us all as we relish a truly new year in 2023!





Brad Fry | Principal 


Financial assistance information from the Victoria State Government 

Financial Assistance Information for Parents CSEF

CSEF Application Form 


ELC News

Separation Anxiety in Pre-schoolers

The first days are filled with excitement, happiness, eagerness and also anxiety. It is quite common for a child to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of a new environment, teacher or setting.

Feeling separation anxiety is a developmental area which children first start to feel at around one year of age. It can often resurface when they start at childcare, preschool, kindergarten, primary school and into their high school experiences. Some kids even seem to be doing fine with their transition only to experience separation anxiety a few weeks into the school year.

Crying, clinginess and school refusal are all common with a child who is experiencing separation anxiety. Occasionally we also see regression of behaviour. For example, a toilet trained child may suddenly fail to make it to the bathroom on time. When a child is challenged by a new developmental task, they are likely to temporarily lose ground in an area already mastered.

The following are some tips that might help.

  • Stick to a routine. Children are at their best when they have plenty of rest, eat a nutritious breakfast and don’t feel rushed. Prepack lunches and snacks the night before to save time in the morning.
  • When you first arrive at school, remind your child about their daily routine jobs, such as putting their bag into their locker and washing their hands. Then assist them to settle into a favourite activity such as play dough or block play. Engage with them for a few minutes.
  • Saying Goodbye – be honest with your child and tell them that it is time for you to leave. Let them know that you will be back. Even though there may be a few tears, often when parents are out of sight children will settle happily into activities and the tears will ease.
  • It’s best to not drag out the goodbye as this often increases the separation anxiety.
  • Be positive and happy yourself. Children can sometimes sense when their parents are upset or worried and this might lead to an increase in their anxiety.
  • Be gentle on yourself, this is a big step for all parents and children. If parents hesitate, kids will pick up on their emotions and could feel unsafe. Plan a coffee date with a friend or your spouse immediately following drop off so that you have support.

Here are some stories that you might like to share with your child around separation anxiety:

https://youtu.be/dPUW1t9Gu4s The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

https://youtu.be/xLcocsqoj3o Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney


Feel free to call the School anytime to check on your child’s progress. Our staff will also call you, if your child is unable to settle. All staff at Tintern are committed to ensuring that your child has happy experiences at school.


We look forward to seeing you at the ELC Information Session, Wednesday 8 February, 7pm at the ELC Centre. You are welcome to join us for drinks following directly afterwards in the Community Hub.



Kristen de Vos | Director of Early Learning


Girls’ Junior School News

Welcome to 2023 

The first few days of the school year have been fantastic! The girls have welcomed back new friends and met some wonderful new friends. They have settled into their classrooms and started to explore what 2023 might bring for them. It has been a great start! I am incredibly grateful to our team of exceptional teachers who have worked hard to prepare the classrooms for our girls, 2023 is going to be a wonderful year for our School!


Parent Information Evening – Wednesday 8 February

We look forward to welcoming parents at our Parent Information Evening on Wednesday February 8 at 7pm. The families of Girls’ Junior School will meet at 7pm in the Colebrook Hall and then following a presentation from Mr Fry and Mrs Prandolini, will move to the classrooms to hear from Class Teachers. Our evening will conclude with drinks in the Community Hub which will be an opportunity for families to speak to our staff and other parents.

At our Parent Information Evening, parents will hear further detail regarding our Towards 2030 Forward Strategy and in particular what this will entail for the Girls’ Junior School. Our theme for 2023, is ‘Confidence is the key in 2023’. For young girls, particularly those between ages 8-14, strong confidence can impact them in many aspects of their lives, and it is hoped that this theme will provoke reflection, and the development of a strong sense of self in all girls.


Prep 2023

The Prep girls have had a wonderful start to their school journey in the Girls’ Junior School. They are a delightful group of curious learners, who today happily demonstrated to me their counting prowess as they joined confidently in a new counting game! Mrs. Whitcher has done an amazing job in ensuring each girl is settled in and is beginning to feel the strong sense of connection in being a Tinternite! Welcome Prep girls, we are really glad you have joined us!


Junior School Photos- Thursday 9 February

Parents are reminded that all girls are expected to come in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM on Thursday for our annual photo day. Girls are required to wear their blazers, white socks and appropriate coloured hair ribbons/scrunchies.



Allison Prandolini | Head of Girls’ Junior School


Boys’ Junior School News

Welcome to 2023!

We were delighted to welcome our Prep boys (the Class of 2035!!), who had such a smooth and positive start under the wonderful care and guidance of Ms Peters, and all other new boys to Tintern Grammar.


Our Boys’ Junior School theme for 2023 is RISE: RESILIENCE, INSPIRE, STRENGTH, EMPATHY. Throughout the course of the coming weeks, we will further expand on the importance of each of these dispositions or values. Each boy has a wristband that I hope they will wear frequently to remind him of RISE.

Each Year 3-6 boy also has a RISE Journal. In this, I am asking the boys to make a note daily of their attempt to make their bed (a concept we spoke about at our final assembly in 2022), to reflect upon ways in which they may have demonstrated a RISE quality, to note a ‘positive’ from their day, and to express gratitude for one thing. The Journal is optional, but I would hope that the boys push themselves to fill it in each evening.

In our Assembly yesterday we spoke about Australian of the Year, Taryn Blumfitt, and Spanish lad David Aguilar, both who have inspired others in very different but unique ways.


A reminder that our Parent Information Evening is this Wednesday…we would love to see many parents and guardians ‘face to face’ at the event that commences in the Southwood Centre at 7.00pm with Welcome Drinks for parents directly following at 8pm in the Community Hub.


Adam Kenny | Head of Boys’ Junior School 



Secondary News

Welcome back

It is wonderful to have all our students back on campus, especially our Year 7s and the many new students who have joined us across the other year levels. To see and hear the excitement and energy around the School is wonderful and we are looking forward to everything that 2023 will bring.

With the staggered start to the year, our Year 7s were able to enjoy the Middle School building to themselves on Wednesday 1 February. This provided them with the opportunity to reconnect with each other and their pastoral staff, as well as navigating their way around the campus with a lot more space. They spent a large part of their day preparing for the camp they are on this week including going over clothing lists, safety briefings and a shopping list for some of their meals. It is during this camp that we introduce our students to meal planning and preparation by having them become responsible for a breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst on camp-out. The dinner is prepared using a Trangia stove and needs to be a meal that uses non-refrigerated items given they will be hiking and camping. It is a great learning opportunity in preparation for the Middle School camps that follow in Years 8 and 9 where they become responsible for all of their food over the 5 days. The camp itself is always a highlight for the students and we will provide updates on the camp as they progress.

On Thursday 2 February the Year 8s and 9s joined the rest of the school back on campus for the beginning of their year. Following an extended pastoral care session for all year levels, we were fortunate to have Murrundindi (head man of the Wurrundjeri people) perform a Welcome to Country in our Welcome Back assembly. His message of kindness, care and effort was one that was incredibly well received by both staff and students and helped to kick-start a great school year.

On Friday 3 February we held our annual Foundation Service where we had students from Years 1 to 12, along with staff and parents, assembled to reflect on our School’s rich history and the journey from a home school in Hawthorn in 1877, to where we are now in Ringwood East in 2023. As part of the assembly, we heard from Laura Driessen who was a graduate from the Class of 2010. Since leaving Tintern, Laura went on to become an astrophysicist and now studies the galaxy looking for particular stars and potential planets. She encouraged all students to have a go at everything when at school and to chase their dreams. She went on to express that if you were passionate about something and wanted it badly enough, then with some potential hard work, it would be possible.

Laura Driessen Class of 2010

We also heard from 2018 graduate Gavin Choong. Gavin began studying Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Biomedical Science at Monash University before moving into a role as Global Youth Spokesperson for Amnesty International. He spoke of the amazing opportunities he has been lucky to experience and how developing his sense of compassion whilst at Tintern has guided his youth advocacy work today.

Gavin Choong Class of 2018

A major part of the Foundation Service is the induction of our Class of 2028. This is where we introduce our entire Year 7 cohort to the school by welcoming them onto the stage and presenting them with their special badges. As a school, we wish them all the very best in their 6-year journey through the secondary and look forward to watching their ongoing achievements.

Class of 2028

Watch the 2023 Foundation Service Video

As I write this article our Year 7 students are having an adventure and making friends at camp on the Mornington Peninsula.  Full report next issue…


Brett Trollope | Head of Secondary 


Welcome Everyone to The Resilience Project @ Tintern Grammar 2023!

This year, we are excited to continue our delivery of The Resilience Project (TRP) in the Middle School and Senior College with some exciting new additions to the project.

Since 2018, TRP has enabled us to integrate wellbeing curriculum in our secondary classrooms, pastoral sessions and provide ‘brain breaks’ to maintain a sense of calm in these chaotic times. Hugh van Cuylenburg and the team at TRP have continued to evolve the resources available to us to empower us to rise to meet these challenges. By making our community more resilient, we are living breathing examples of resilience in action for our children to learn from. With TRP by our side, we are well armed to face whatever 2023 has in store for us.

The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs and provides evidence-based, practical strategies to support positive mental health and build resilience. Presentations include stories and research on how we can build mental health in our day to day lives and support the mental health of the children in our care. Through this program, teachers and students engage in weekly lessons and activities around the key principles of GratitudeEmpathy and Mindfulness (GEM) to build resilience.

We respect that as your child’s primary carers, you have an essential role to play in building positive mental health with your children. To support our discussions in the classroom, TRP are running three seminars on building your confidence to talk about resilience and to provide ideas that help you to support your child’s mental health throughout the year.

  1. Parent/Carer Authentic Connection online presentation Thursday 23 March 2023, at 6:30pm – 8:00pm. Save the date in your calendar and more information about this session will be emailed to you shortly including how to register your participation in this webinar.
  2. TRP in Action for Parents online presentation Thursday 4 May 2023, at 6:30pm – 8:00pm. Save the date in your calendar and more information about this session will be emailed to you in Term 2 including how to register your participation in this webinar.
  3. The final presentation, I am excited to announce, is on Monday 7 August 2023, at 6:30pm by one of our favourite presenters, Ms Lael Stone. In this face-to-face session, you will gain further information on how to prioritise connection with your kids, as well as why this relationship is so important, no matter what life presents. I encourage you to save the dates in your diary for this event now. More information on how to register will come out late in Term 2.

The Resilience Project’s school program has been evaluated independently by The University of Melbourne and The University of Adelaide. These evaluations demonstrated the program had targeted benefits in building:

    • Children’s use of daily gratitude strategies and their sense of gratitude
    • Confidence and self-esteem, especially in relation to their peer relationships
    • Relationships at school and home
    • Knowledge and ability to express emotions
    • More supportive classroom environments

Visit The Resilience Project website to find out more.

We look forward to communicating more with you over the coming weeks about how Tintern will be delivering all TRP has to offer to our school community. In the meantime, feel free to learn more about TRP by exploring the ideas, activities and resources which bring Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness (GEM) to life through the TRP@HOME portal.

Warm regards

Rebecca Infanti | Resilience Project Coordinator


Curriculum Matters

Professional Learning

2023 has started with a flurry of activity as members of our community settle back into daily routines. Staff attended School a few days before students returned to participate in valuable learning opportunities, which included further enhancement of the School’s focus on developing a Culture of Thinking at Tintern, based on Harvard’s Project Zero. Ron Ritchhart zoomed in from California for two sessions with our staff, during which he and they discussed the shifting nature of an educational institution as a place where we focus on learning, rather than performance. Staff were challenged to articulate the purpose of education and ways we can ensure that our classrooms are places where we see student engagement, learning and thinking thrive.

There also was a stimulating morning of professional engagement where both teaching and non-teaching staff came together to work with representatives from Australians Together. Staff built confidence in their understanding and appreciation of Australia’s shared history and the impact that continues today. As a result, Tintern staff will be able to help our students understand and engage more meaningfully with First Nations stories.



From 2023, NAPLAN, which traditionally has been held in Term 2 of the school year, will be held in Term 1, commencing on 15 March. Bringing the test forward puts information in teachers’ hands sooner, allowing for more targeted support for students to ensure they are gaining important literacy and numeracy skills.

Further information will be sent to parents of students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 regarding NAPLAN testing in the weeks leading up to the online testing period in March.


Ongoing Reporting on our School Portal for all Secondary School students

Over the past two years we have trialed an ongoing reporting system for our Middle School students through the Tintern Portal. Key tasks were marked and made visible to parents and feedback and commentary on the tasks also was visible to parents and provided more detailed information for parents on their child’s progress in all subjects throughout the semester. These key tasks then became the main commentary which appeared on the end-of-semester report in June and December, along with summative grades for each subject. We now will expand this progressive approach to reporting across all secondary school classes (Years 7 to 12) and trust that this will become a valuable ongoing communication tool, ensuring parents are more fully aware of their child(ren)’s progress without having to wait for Student Progress Meetings or the arrival of end-of semester reports for a complete picture of their progress.

The Secondary School Ongoing Reporting System will be fully visible and updated as a ‘live’ communication tool for parents throughout the semester.

Student Progress Meetings for Years 7-12 will be conducted this term on 27 March (9.00am – 4.00pm), 28 March (4.00 – 8.00pm) and 3 April (4.00 – 8.00pm). Further information regarding these meetings will be forthcoming closer to the time.

I trust that our reporting process and Student Progress Meeting evenings will prove useful in understanding your child’s progress and will assist in strengthening the partnership between family, school and student that is so crucial to effective learning and growth.



Alison Bezaire | Director of Studies


Music Matters

Music Diary Dates for Semester 1

Friday 3 & Sat 4 March   –  Kickstart Music Camp (at Tintern)

Friday 3 March  –   Music Staff Concert, 7.00pm, CM Wood Centre

Wednesday 29 March  – Chicago  Preview Performance, 6.30pm, Karralyka Theatre

30, 31 March & 1 April  –   Chicago Performances, 7.00pm, Karralyka Theatre

Tuesday 4 April   –  Twilight Concert, 5.00pm, Area C, CM Wood (Yrs 7-12)

Friday 5 May  –  Cathedral Service, 10.00am, St. Paul’s Cathedral

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 5,6 & 7 May  –  Generations in Jazz, Mt Gambier

Tuesday 16 May   –   Senior Piano Concert, 7.00pm, Area B

Wednesday 24 May   –   Small Ensembles Concert, 7.00pm, Area B

Tuesday 30 May  –  Speech & Drama Performance, 5.00pm, Lecture Theatre


Kickstart Music Camp

All of our musicians and choristers will converge on the CM Wood Centre and create amazing music together for one and half days, from period 3 into the evening on Friday 3 March and throughout the day on Saturday 4 March. They will also participate in combined workshops, eat copious amounts of food and share much hilarity during the music activities prepared by our student Music Leaders.

This is a non-residential rehearsal ‘camp’ to afford all ensembles the opportunity to kickstart their learning for an array of wonderful performances coming up throughout Semester 1. Students must wear a black shirt on Saturday for the famous Camp Photo! Further information regarding this camp will be forthcoming to families of musos in the coming week.

Music Camp 2019


Ensembles are firing up for 2023

Our current ensemble members will be receiving emails from staff regarding the start dates for rehearsals of our instrumental and vocal ensembles over the coming weeks. We would like to extend a special welcome to our Year 7 families and new families to the school. We would love to see your son or daughter participating in and enjoying what the music department has to offer. Year 7s should not hesitate to approach the music staff or their Pastoral Mentor (who can direct them to the Music Department) to discuss finding the appropriate ensemble for them to join.

We offer both intermediate and advanced ensembles for most instruments, as well as wonderful choirs for all year levels.  If you would like further information regarding the correct ensemble for your child, please email me at lclarke@tintern.vic.edu.au or visit us in the music department, where our friendly administrator Elizabeth Feenane, or any of our enthusiastic music staff, could help you find the right place for your child to thrive here at Tintern Grammar.

Lisa Clarke | Head of Music – Instrumental Performance


Year 7-12 Ensemble Rehearsals


6 Feb 

*Intermediate Stage   Band

Mrs Clarke

7.30am, Kelson Room

Year 9-10

13 Feb

*Senior Boys’ Chamber Choir

Mr Kidd

7.30am, Theatre

Year 10-12

6 Feb

Theory Club

Ms McKenzie

1.00pm, W004

Year 7-12



7 Feb

Concert Choir

Mrs Bezaire

7.30am, Theatre

Year 9-12

14 Feb

* Jazz Combo Blue

Mr Bathgate

7.30am, Kelson Room

Year 6-10

14 Feb

Intermediate Choir

Mrs Coburn

1.00pm, Theatre

Year 7-9

7 Feb

Guitar Ensemble

Mr Bathgate

1.00pm, Kelson Room

Year 7-12



8 Feb

Concert Band

Mrs Clarke

7.30am, Kelson Room

Year 7-9

15 Feb

Scrolls String Orchestra

Mrs Mackie

7.30am, Area C

Year 7-9

8 Feb

*Senior Girls’ Chamber Choir

Mrs Bezaire

7.30am, Theatre

Year 10-12


Saxophone Ensemble

Mrs Grinbergs

1.00pm, Kelson Room

Year 8-12

15 Feb

Symphony Orchestra

Mr Veldman


Kelson Room

Year 7-12



9 Feb

*Senior Stage Band

Mr McLean Davies

7.30am, Kelson Room

Year 9-12

16 Feb

*Trigg Jazz Combo

Mr McLean Davies

3.35pm, Kelson Room

Year 7-9



10 Feb

Wind Symphony

Mrs Clarke

7.30am, Kelson Room

Year 8-12

10 Feb

*Chamber Orchestra

Mr Veldman

7.30am, Area B Stage

Year 8-12

17 Feb

Brass Ensemble

Mr Baldwin

1.30pm, Kelson Room

Year 7-12

10 Feb

Clarinet Ensemble

Mrs Clarke

1.30pm,  W004

Year 7-11

17 Feb

Flute Ensemble

Ms Manoharan

1.30pm, Area B Stage

Year 7-12



Auditions in Term 2 for Annual Music Scholarships

Eligible music students in Years 5 to 12 are invited to apply for the following Music awards:

Ilma Kelson Music Scholar Awards

~ Outstanding Senior Performer (Years 7-12)
~ Two Encouragement Awards for students learning ‘desirable’ instruments for the orchestral program at Tintern Grammar (Years 5-12)

Penelope Thwaites Music Awards
~ Performance of an Australian Composition Award (Years 5-12)
~ Original Composition Award (Years 7-12)

For an application form Click Here  or contact the Music Office  efeenane@tintern.vic.edu.au. Applications close 31 March 2023.


Music Lockers for hire 

Our Friends of Music Parent Committee manage the hiring of music lockers in the music corridor for the safe, lockable storage of personal and hired instruments which students may wish to store securely whilst at school. The fee per term for a locker is $10. The funds raised are returned to the Music Department to support the purchase of music and instruments and to support funding of special musical events.


Join our friendly ‘Friends of Music (FOM) Committee

The Music Staff and Students are grateful for the ongoing support of the wonderful parents on our Friends of Music committee.  FOM welcome new members to join and support the activities of our Tintern musicians through fundraising and also providing services such as serving tea and coffee at concerts and assisting us at Music Camp. The first meeting and AGM for 2023 is on Tuesday 21 February at 7pm in the CM Wood Centre and any interested parents/friends are welcome to take the opportunity to meet the committee and consider joining this fun-loving team. Musical ability is not a pre-requisite!

If you would like more information or would like to join the committee please contact fom@tintern.vic.edu.au.


Alison Bezaire | Director of Music 


Sport Matters

2023 Sport Carnival Dates

Friday 17 February – House Swimming Carnivals

Friday 10 March – House Athletics Carnival at Proclamation Park, Ringwood

Tuesday 14 March – EISM Division 1 Swimming Carnival – 4pm – 9:30pm approx.

Monday 27 March – EISM Champions Swimming Carnival – this is a student free day, but you are still to attend.

Saturday 6 May – Tintern Grammar Open Morning 9am – 12pm.

Tuesday 9 May – EISM Div 2 Athletics

Tuesday 23 May – Year 7 Showcase Evening 7-9pm

Thursday 25 May – EISM Champs Athletics

Friday 14 July – House Cross Country

Wednesday 6 September – EISM Cross Country


We congratulate Tintern Grammar Year 9 student Brady Cochrane; after a long tryout process, Brady has made the Under 23 State Wheelchair Basketball Team! He will play at Nationals in Queensland in April. We look forward to hearing about his success as he follows his dreams.


As Melbourne recently enjoyed the world’s best tennis at the Australian Open, we were thrilled to hear that two of our students, Sebastian and Ryan, were ball kids this year. What an experience, being part of the action on the big arenas. The boys were close up to the top 5 players including Djokovic and Tsitsipas and both boys were selected for finals.


Ash Viney | Head of Sport


International Women’s Day Breakfast

Join us for a delicious breakfast at the Tintern Grammar International Women’s Day Breakfast 


Wednesday 8 March – 7:00am for a 7:15 start


Guest speaker Madeline Townsend, Class of 2008

Adventurer and dentist, Madeline courageously survived a rare cancer and shares her motivation to help others. 

$5 of your ticket price will be donated to research work by Rare Cancers Australia, 

Performance by Tintern Senior Girls’ Chamber Choir 

We welcome everyone to attend, students, staff – the whole Tintern community to this uplifting event.

Bookings essential!

(seating will not be allocated, attendees choose a table on arrival)





Community Matters

Welcome to the first edition of Community Matters for 2023. It is through this section we keep you informed of the events and achievements of the various Community Groups as well as the many and varied activities in which they participate. If you would like to be involved with any of the Community Groups, please contact the Community Relations team on 9845 7877 or email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

If you would like to contribute to Community Matters, email your submissions to the Community Relations Office and we will incorporate your news wherever possible.

Tintern Grammar Community Groups

Our Community Groups are an incredible and invaluable part of Tintern Grammar. They enrich us through fundraising, events and activities that bring together our community; past and present, in celebration and fun. They are also a great way to meet other parents and become involved with the school community!

Everyone is welcome to attend Community Group Meetings!

Whether you are curious about joining, wish to meet other parents or just want to lend a hand with a specific event, please look out for the dates and times which are advertised in Community Matters each fortnight or on the portal.

At Tintern we have the following Community and Alumni Groups:

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG)
  • TPG Presentation Ball Committee
  • Friends of Music (FOM)
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE)
  • Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF)
  • Friends of Snowsports (FOS)
  • Tintern Old Girls Association (TOGA)
  • TGA (Tintern Grammar Alumni)

We are also seeking interest for the Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF) and Friends of Snowsports (FOS) Committee. If you’d be interested in being a member of either of these groups, please contact us.

The Election meetings provide the committees with office bearers and a direction for the year. They are a wonderful opportunity for visitors to get a broad understanding of the wonderful contribution these groups make to our School.

The events and activities run by the various community groups represent a vital contribution to the enhancement of the school experience for our students and in fostering a community atmosphere across the school in support of parents.

For more information on how to be involved please contact Di Lacey or Tegan Martin in the Community Relations Office on 9845 7877 or communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

We hope to see you there!

Foundation Service 2023

Thank you to those who attended our Foundation Service last Friday morning 2023.

We are grateful to our many VIP guests who attended both the service and morning tea, including four former Tintern Vice Principals.

TPG Picture Plates are back!

Picture Plates are back for 2023! The perfect Mother’s Day gift, orders are due by Wednesday 22 February, with artwork due Friday 24 February 2023.

Orders can be placed online here: https://pay.pictureproducts.com/TINRIA/91791/. 

Our ELC students will complete their artwork in class, but don’t forget to place an order online to receive your finished plate.
You can also order as many plates as you like from the same artwork!

If your child from Prep onwards would like to create their own Picture Plate, please order online and collect the template from either Junior School Reception or Main Reception. Don’t fold your template, as any marks will appear on your final plate.

Please contact the TPG if you have any questions, by email to parentgroup@tintern.vic.edu.au, or Community Relations on 9845 7877 or communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Parent Representatives 2023

Thank you to the many parents and guardians who have volunteered to act as the Parent Representatives for their Class or Year Level in 2023.

If you would like to volunteer to be your Year Level’s Parent Representative or would like further information, contact us by email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au or by phone 03 9845 7877

Parent Representative are a liaison between parents/guardians and the school. Informing parents about activities planned either by Tintern, our community groups or within the class or year level, such as social gatherings, fundraisers or events. We greatly appreciate the time and commitment given by our Parent Reps.

Parent Reps also organise class or year level functions to provide parents with the opportunity of meeting and socialising in a relaxed atmosphere. It is a great opportunity for class groups to connect, while supporting our local community cafes and restaurants still recovering from the lockdowns.

Community Events 2023



International Women’s Day Breakfast

Wednesday 8 March, 7am

2023 FOE Horse Trials

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March

2023 Musical – Chicago

Wednesday 29 March to Saturday 1 April

Cathedral Service 2023

Friday 5 May 10am to 11am

Find Your Future Self – Career’s Night for our alumni and current families

Thursday 18 May at 6pm

TPG Trivia Night

Saturday 29 July at 7pm

Jazz Night

Saturday 2 September at 7pm

TPG Presentation Ball

Saturday 9 September at 7.30pm

Celebration Evening

Monday 9 October at 7pm

TPG Spring Garden Tour

Friday 20 October – 9am to 3.15pm

Munch with the Musos

Sunday 26 November 10am

Principal’s Volunteer Thank You Evening

Thursday 30 November at 7pm

Friends of Music FOM – An invitation to new members

We are ever so grateful for the ongoing support of the parents on our Friends of Music committee.  We welcome new members to join and support the activities of our Tintern musicians. Our first meeting for 2023 is on Tuesday 21 February and we would love any interested parents/friends to take this opportunity to meet us and consider joining our committee.

If you would like more information or would like to join the committee please contact fom@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Presentation Ball Helpers

We are still investigating current interest and format options for the Presentation Ball for 2023. Please contact Community Relations if you have any thoughts or interest to be part of the team.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email presentationball@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Footy Tipping Competition – AFL and AFLW

The Tintern Grammar community footy tipping competition is back again for 2023!

For those interested in joining the 2023 competitions, details are below:

You will then have to log into your own account or create one. When setting up your account, you might like to check the reminder email box so you don’t forget!

This competition is free to enter and open to:

  •  Past students (18+) (Tintern Grammar students will not be permitted to enter)
  •  Past Parents / Guardians
  •  Past Siblings
  •  Past Staff
  •  Current Parents / Guardians
  •  Current Staff

Please note that if those who place do not meet the entry requirements, they will be ineligible for the prize money. Prizes will then go to the next placing eligible entry.

Cash Prizes awarded for the winners of the AFL Tipping Competition:

AFL Footy Tipping Prizes:

  • 1st Prize $250
  • 2nd Prize $120
  • 3rd Prize $60
  • 4th Prize $40
  • 5th Prize $20

If the AFL season is shortened at a later date due to Covid, the tipping competition will continue, but the prizes will be adjusted accordingly. 

Good luck and start tipping!!

Community Committee Dates 

Community Group Meetings are now back onsite. Please check the information below carefully for details:

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG) –Next meeting: Thursday 18 February 2023 at 7pm President: Haidee Wallace Location: CM Wood Common Room
  • Friends of Music (FOM) – Next Meeting: Tuesday 21 February 2023 at 7pm President: Debra Fryer Location: CM Wood Common Room
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE) – Next Meeting: Monday 13 February 2023 at 7pm Location: CM Wood Common Room

Please select here to view a Tintern map of the meeting venues.

Upcoming Reunions

  • 10 Year Reunion YG 2012 – Saturday 18 February at 3.30pm  – Book Here
  • 15 Year Reunion YG 2015 – Saturday 18 February at 3.30pm – Book Here

Reunions 2023



10 Year Reunion YG 2013

Saturday 18 February at 3.30pm

15 Year Reunion YG 2008

Saturday 18 February at 3.30pm

50, 55, 60 & 55+ Year Reunion YG 1973, 1968, 1963 and 1967+

Tuesday 4 April, 11am to 2.00pm

5 Year Reunion YG 2018

Friday 21 July at 7.30pm, offsite

Reunion Festival YGs 2003, 1998, 1993, 1988, 1983, 1978

Saturday 11 November at 3.30pm, followed by an offsite gathering

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Thursday 16 November, 6pm – 8pm CM Wood Centre




Scotty James (Class of 2013)

We are thrilled at Tintern Grammar to hear the exciting news of Scotty James (Class of 2013) winning Gold at the X-Games in Aspen for the SuperPipe. He conquered the harsh conditions to win this event that he has dominated in since 2016.
Image Credit: ABC News

Fiona Lake (Class of 1979)

Fiona Lake Class of 1979, was inducted into the 2022 Hall of Fame for Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies recognising highly experienced and accomplished business women in the industry.

Fiona operates unique drone workshops across Australia, via the Rural Drone Academy. Her work remains founded on philanthropic aims – advocacy and capacity building for rural and remote residents. In recent years she has stepped up her efforts to improve the drone industry’s diversity, lift professionalism and assist recreational owners. Much of this work centres around building confidence in women and encouraging older people to be role models and mentors; inspiring the cautious to give it a go.

We congratulate Fiona in the recognition of her passion in the Aviation industry.