You’re in Good Hands

Fantastic Friends is a peer support program offered over the last nine years to the girls in Years 5 and 6. A group of girls were selected and trained for half a day as ‘Fantastic Friends’ in conflict resolution strategies and peer support skills involving the use of role-play, group brainstorming and personal reflection.

The girls enthusiastically and selflessly give up some of their time to assist others, particularly the younger girls, by helping fellow students develop resilience and self-confidence.

The girls also help resolve minor disagreements as well as offering friendship and care for the girls. The Fantastic Friends show tremendous initiative and maturity in undertaking this special responsibility. As a result of being involved in the program, our past Fantastic Friends have grown in confidence, gaining and developing conflict resolution strategies which will be valuable and worthwhile for many years to come.

Sahdia Ali Leila Foster Emily Manton Elsje Van Vroonhoven
Ava Cantor Millie Harvey Odette McCallum Holly White
Chloe Chiu Charlotte Hansen-Cooper Anika Mulemane Sammy Wolstencroft
Emma Cooke Ashley Honan Sophie Riddell Helen Yang
Charlotte Davies Katherine Howell Amelia Sprake Amy Zhang
Charlotte du Blet Zara Jackson Smith Elisha Sze  
Jessica Fettell Drishya Karthik Abbey Van Bremen  




2023 Term Dates