Year 9 Summer Expedition Tasmania Rock Climbing

Over the week of the 4th to the 8th of December, 10 Year 9 girls survived in Tasmania. After a very gruelling 5.30 am departure we were on a flight heading to Hobart and we had some very sleepy people along the way.

During the week we were able to overcome many of our fears as we climbed higher and higher, each of us accomplishing a goal we set for ourselves as we supported and laughed our way through it. We had an amazing time and made some amazing memories together.

Some of the girls had an immense fear of heights and they were able to try and get up every one of the climbs and also to get down the 50m abseil over a cliff.

We saw some great views and saw many of the wonders that Tasmania offers, especially around Freycinet National Park and Wine Glass Bay.

Through the blood, sweat and tears everybody was able to leave Tasmania with a grin on their face.

Overall, Tasmania was an amazing experience. The whole group bonded with one another and learnt how to deal with difficult situations. Thank you to the teachers who came with us and also to Rod who had to put up with 10 screaming girls for 5 days.

Rock Climbing in Freycinet was an experience we will never forget.         

by the Year 9 Girls’ Summer Expedition Tasmania Rock Climbing Group



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