Year 9 Rafting Camp

From 24 – 26 October a group of our Year 9 Outdoor Education boys went on a canoe camp to Lake Eildon. When the boys arrived at Eildon they packed all their gear, food, clothes, etc into dry bags and then loaded these onto their canoes as well as wood, tarps, tents and anything else they deemed necessary. They then paddled for approx. an hour and a half to a place called The Island Campsite. Here the boys set up their sleeping arrangements for the night as well as the evening campfire. Dinner on the first night was pizza cooked on the campfire followed by bed under tarps.

The next day we woke up early to pack up, have breakfast, re-load the canoes and set off to our next campsite. Our next campsite was Owen’s Hill which took us over 3 hours to paddle to. It was windy and choppy which made the paddling quite challenging. When we arrived we unpacked our canoes and set up our sleeping arrangements once again and then decided to ascend a the large hill and the pine forest next to it. By the time we returned from this adventure it was dinner time and this time we cooked our dinner on trangias and again enjoyed a beautiful campfire around which we sat and talked for some time before getting to sleep.

The final day saw us wake up before 5am in order to see the beautiful sunrise over Lake Eildon. Despite being hidden by cloud cover, it still was an awesome sight. That morning we packed all our gear and canoes back into the trailer and bus before settling in for the long journey home. The camp was great fun and provided some real challenges as well as some wonderful sights.

By Jake Hauser, 9D



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