Year 9 House Dance and Year 7 House Cheer Sports

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At the beginning of Term 2 the Year 7’s were introduced to House Cheer Sports. Over the course of around 5 weeks they learnt a 1 minute routine with their Cheer coaches. Once they had learnt this, each House made up a 30 second finale, using the remainder of the music they had been given. They learnt and created the routine in their Monday afternoon sport sessions. 

Although a lot of the girls have never been involved in Cheer Sports before, they approached the challenge with enthusiasm and persisted through any challenges they came across. The overall experience has lead them to get to know each other better and widen their skills when working in a team. 

At the start of April the year nine girls started to choreograph a 3-4 minute long dance that fitted with the theme “A Day in the Life of…” This was interpreted in many different ways throughout the five houses. Cross chose a Day in the Life of Toys, Mansfield decided on a Day in the Life of Michael Jackson, Gordon Grant did a Day in the life of One Direction, Dann Watt performed a Day in the life of the World and finally Somner Stewart went with a Day in the Life of a Billionaire. Not only did they have to create a whole dance number but had to organise lighting, music, a program, costumes, a video, hair and makeup. All the houses worked well as individual groups and all produced high quality pieces. 

On Tuesday evening the Year 7’s and 9’s performed their House Cheer Sports Routines and House Dances at the C.M Wood Centre. The House Dances went first after an introduction from the House Captains, which were followed by the Cheer Sport Routines. Watt went first, followed by Somner, Cross was third, then Mansfield and finally Gordon. 

The Year 7 Cheer Sports were adjudicated by their Cheer coaches according to categories such as Stunts, Dance and Overall Presentation and Performance. The results were as follows: 

EQUAL 1st: Mansfield and Watt 

EQUAL 3rd: Cross and Somner 

5th: Gordon 

The Year 9 Dances were adjudicated by a few Year 12 Leaders according to categories such as Program, PowerPoint, Music, Costumes and Dance. The results were as following: 

1st: Cross 

2nd: Mansfield 

3rd: Gordon 

4th: Watt 

5th: Somner 

A massive thank you goes out to all the teachers who were involved in setting up the event and supporting all the students. Well done to all the girls involved, for all your hard work and on a fantastic performance!

by Sophie Glasson and Jade Fitzpatrick, Year 9



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