Year 9 History – Shrine of Remembrance Excursion

The light passed over the tablet, gracing the words: “Greater Love Hath No Man.” We held a short vigil commemorating those who suffered from war.

Year 9 History students went to the Shrine of Remembrance as part of their curriculum studies on the First World War. For some it was their first experience at the Shrine, whose completion in 1933 was to remember the lives affected by the horrors of warfare. The silent commemoration at the tablet in the Shrine was the most touching part of our trip.

The students studied artefacts from the war, including actual uniforms and equipment. It was a solemn occasion, especially when visiting the gardens devoted to specific soldiers and army battalions. Students were handed poppies to hang on the Shrine’s remembrance wall, one for each ancestor who had participated in any war.

It was a solemn yet eye-opening occasion. The Shrine’s focus on using the lessons of the past to build for a peaceful future resonated with the students, who maintained a dignified aura for the entire experience.

by Luke Mansour, English & History Teacher



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