Year 9 Girls Outdoor Ed Canoe Camp

On Monday 22 May the Year 9 Girls Outdoor Education class set off on a 3 day long canoe camp on Lake Eildon. This gave us an amazing experience to put the skills we have learnt this semester such as knot tying, camping skills and how to canoe without capsizing, to use in the outdoors, not in the Tintern pool!

For 3 days we battled the cold, the rain, drop toilets, early mornings and even an overnight thunderstorm! We spent our time canoeing on the lake and by the last day we could all successfully canoe in a straight line, a skill that took 3 days for a few members of the group to achieve! While on canoe camp, we kicked the footy at every campsite, had a “bucket lunch” on an island in the middle of the water, with an amazing 360° across the lake, and on the last day we woke up even earlier than normal to watch the beautiful sunrise from the canoes.

On this camp, many friendships were strengthened, great memories were made, countless laughs and jokes were shared and luckily no one capsized!

by Margaret Pywell & Eva Corcoran



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