Year 9 City Investigation Excursion

Last week from the 6th to the 8th Isabella Murphy and myself as well as all the year 9’s got involved with the Year 9 City Investigation Excursion. This took place over three days. On our first day we arrived at school, then our group of 5, Ella Ritchie, Keely Fitton, Cassidy Van Gerelden, Isabella and myself needed to come up with a focus question which ended up being: where is the most popular coffee shop to get a coffee in the CBD? After that we got on to the planning. That involved a schedule of where we were going during the day, what time, a map of our travels, and a survey so we could gather the information and make a fairly accurate verdict.

Day two was the fun part. We all needed to make our own way into Flinders Street Station to find our groups and get ticked off to start the day. We went everywhere from Federation Square, Southbank, the MCG and to Carlton Gardens surveying everyone we could see. Along the way after all the walking it was only fair to stop and indulge in some doughnut time, and get some shopping done. As the day came to an end, we met back at Federation Square and got dismissed at 2:30pm to head back home.

Day three – now to make the presentation. Every group needed to make two presentations, one a PowerPoint of everything that was involved with the lead up of our city excursion, and another one with graphs showing where we should end up going for a coffee in the CBD.

It was a long day of hard work and thinking and as the day ended we calculated all of our data and found a verdict; we ended up with Starbucks being the most popular. I think I can say that on behalf of the whole year 9 level, the City Investigation Excursion was a great way to work together, learn how to plan for a day’s adventure or trip, while having fun and spending time with friends.

by Savannah Collins and Isabella Murphy








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