Year 9 Camp

Last week the Year 9’s girls went to Wilson’s Prom for a 5 day camp with a 3 day hike among some of Victoria’s best kept secrets. The endless oceans and omnipresent serenity was enough for anyone who loved the outdoors or not, to stand in awe and admire the beauty of nature.

9B had the option of two different hikes, Oberon Bay – Roaring Meg and Sealer’s Cove – Little Waterloo Bay. After arriving on Monday, we set up camp at Tidal River and the following morning split off into our groups for a 3 day hike. For many of us it was close to the most physically challenging thing we have ever done, but it was absolutely amazing and totally worth it. We spent our time laughing, taking slightly unattractive photos of each other, “accidentally” falling over in the waves or chilling in our tents talking till sleep slapped us in the face.

Little Waterloo Bay was a highlight for many, splashing in the blue waves long overdue after a challenging day of hiking. Throughout the week, we hiked almost 50 km, and developed so many new skills and learnt so many lessons. Friendships were strengthened, some were temporarily suspended after spending 5 consecutive days without seeing anyone else, and memories were made. Through break downs, tears and the “I can’t do this anymore”, we all came back proud of getting through a difficult but rewarding week.

by Ashleigh Dowling (9B)



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