Year 9 Boys Camp

Year 9 Boys Wilson’s Prom Hike

For the first Year 9 camp this year we went to Wilson’s Promontory. We arrived at school in the dark at 6:30am and packed our packs with all our clothes, food and other items. A few of us thought we should pack a few unnecessary items and it wouldn’t add much weight, but the packs were heavy, much heavier than most of us anticipated. Once we were all packed we headed off to The Prom. We grabbed our packs and split off into one of four groups; two of the groups walked approximately 21km and the other two around 35km within 3 days.

As the walk begun the packs didn’t seem too heavy and the walk felt quite manageable. That thought soon changed after we hit some pretty big uphill climbs. The weight of the packs became extremely prominent once we walked about halfway and stopped for lunch. Taking our packs off for breaks was immensely relieving and allowed us to gather back our energy to take on the rest of the hike. The first day was, in my opinion, the hardest day. My shoulders were sore and my back was aching as I wasn’t used to carrying the packs yet. Once we hit the campsite, everyone felt was so excited to take off our packs and it was amazing how light we felt without them. Darkness soon overcame us and we started cooking using our small trangia stoves. Surprisingly, everyone did quite well and cooked delicious meals. It was so satisfying eating something that we had made after a long day walking in the heat. Everyone fell asleep quickly as we were all tired from the walk. By the second day, we’ve gotten used to the packs and soldiered on through the up hills, taking many breaks on the way. The second day was more or less the same than day 1 with plenty of big hills and many kilometres. We had so much motivation on the day 3 walk as well all a little burnt out and excited about heading home. We made it to the bus and relaxed on the way home. We even picked up some Maccas on the way which tasted amazing after trangia cooked food! The overall experience was outstanding and definitely a great opportunity to take.

by Ryan Hem, Year9




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