Year 9 Academic Challenge Day

Each time a group of students participate in an Academic Challenge Day or a similar event, they come away buzzing having really enjoyed the experience. The same was true of the Year 9 students who were part of the teams competing in the recent Year 9 Academic Challenge Day.

One level of challenge that is built into this day, in addition to the academic, is that students are in teams of eight, with six of the members being from other schools. In addition to the traditional challenges such as Mathematics, English, Science and Art/Poetry, students also have the opportunity to participate in ‘Off the Cuff’ public speaking. This is yet another challenge that sets this challenge day apart from others.  In this event, students have no time to prepare a 60-second talk on a topic given to them, and they then speak in front of all those attending – a different type of challenge in itself.

This year, I am delighted that Holly Whitfield and Milly Kenny were in the team who won the Lego competition, Freya Bryson and Lydia Tan were in the team who won General Knowledge and Lego competitions. In addition to this, Zoe Liew and Sayani Kaluarachchi were part of the team who won overall! Congratulations to all those who attended and participated so well in their teams.

by Mrs Anthea Watkins, Horizons Co-ordinator



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