Year 8 Project RockIt

On Thursday  23 August, Year 8 boys took part in a session about cyber safety and leadership led by Project RockIt.

The first section of the workshop was focused on cyber safety and the two presenters, Ash and Natalie started off by telling us some embarrassing stories to help us get to know them. We then heard about the human chain, how it effects people and most importantly, how to break it.

After recess we came back to hear about leadership and what it means to each of us. We learnt that everyone is different when it comes to leadership as Ash said “Leadership is not one size fits all”. We learnt about why some people will stand out in some scenarios and others will in different ones. We also heard an inspiring story about a girl who showed leadership and stood up for what she believed to stop the bullying of a homeless man. Finally, Natalie and Ash helped us each of us to find out what type of person we want to be and what traits mean the most to us.

Not only did Project RockIt get us out of a day’s worth of classes, but also taught us important and powerful lessons about leadership and cyber safety that we will take with us throughout our lives!

By Jonah Fleming

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