Year 8 Performing Arts Evening

‘Move on up. Get on down’

The Performing Arts are also about working with others and exploring original ideas, new techniques and skills and exploring the world around us. Our Year 8 Performing Arts evening celebrated the imaginative and innovative ways that our Year 8 students generate expression through creativity. This evening was an inspiration and beautifully conceived by our talented musicians. A superb program ensured a variety of accomplished dance and drama performances were complimented by an Adagio Tango, a Federation Bells presentation, Simon Lan violin solo (accompanied by Ron Chen) – a Chinese inspired ‘Butterfly Lovers’ Concerto, a classical guitar solo of Ryan Hem’s ‘Tango Esta Noches’

The theme for Semester 2 was ‘Move On Up. Get On Down’. The evening was initiated by a full complement of the year level in a massed song ‘Moving on Up’ and culminated in an engaging presentation of ’Mana’ The Spirit of Polynesia’ where Haka, Poi Dances and a Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride performances swept the audience off its feet!

Under the refined leadership of Ms Anne Bortolussi together with Mr Rowan Kidd, Music at Year 8 has become an engaging and highly participatory subject.

With the effervescent Vince Di Mitrio, Dance students explored a variety of dance styles. Their use of body was expressed through time and space and the techniques and concepts of dance explored through a range of dance styles. The Year 8 Drama students also presented an Open Classroom exhibit where improvisational and skills-based activities were celebrated.

We would like to thank our Director of Music Alison Bezaire for her support during the evening, to our Year 8 Co-Coordinators Elizabeth Cutter and Brett Trollope and their respective staff for their supportive and caring spirit and respect for individual differences.

With such engaging, vigorous educational experience Tintern Grammar Performing Arts, as an artistic process, provides an arena to advance individual skills so as to create performances that are experiential as well as inspiring.

We look forward to sharing more Performing Arts experiences with our community with our Tintern Grammar Musical 2016 ‘Oklahoma’!

Please see below for videos of the performances.

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