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For just over a week, it has been even more busy than usual for the Year 8 girls. Medieval Day was re-introduced to Tintern Grammar this year, and is a fun, engaging, interactive way to learn about life during medieval times. Students also participated in House-based group projects where collaboration, risk-taking, negotiation, creativity and communication were some of the 21st Century Learner skills which were key to success for the week. The girls also participated in a City Excursion where they had to plan, organise, and co-ordinate their events to fit the given time schedule. However, arguably the highlight of the last weeks was our Days for Girls Community Service event. The pastoral theme for Term 4 has been Global Citizenship, and this was an opportunity to enact our school motto: Factis non verbis. Here is a reflection from Sarah Thompson:

Days for Girls was a very fun event that we prepared for most of Term 4. There were a number of Days for Girls leaders and being a leader was quite an educational experience. It taught me how to set up fundraisers and be determined to get people to buy what I was selling. On the actual day of Days for Girls we started off with an introduction from Michelle and Denise in the lecture theatre; they told us a bit more about what the fundraiser was and some of the stories that girls in developing countries were going through. Afterwards, we helped load Michelle’s truck that was filled with supplies and pre-made items that would go into the packs that get sent off. They then took us through a production line and told us what each different station of the production line did. We then split off into the area that we chose, or were assigned to. I was assigned to the textiles room where we went through the long process of making the bags that the group of items would be put into. The process was: cut, iron, overlock, iron, pin and then sew it all together. The day went by very quickly and by the end of it we had made 454 packs that are to be sent off.

The Girls’ Year 8 Pastoral team and I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a restful break.

by Sarah Thompson, Year 8 and Anthea Watkins, Year 8 Girls’ Co-ordinator



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