Year 8 Camp – by Max Adam

On the 26th of February, Year 8 Camp started with a bus trip to the main attraction of our trip, Valley Homestead, Myrtleford. Located in the countryside, Valley Homestead was the place where all the Year 8 students would eat, sleep, and engage in challenging but fun activities together. An average day on camp could include things like:

  • Rock climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Power Pole (climbing and belaying)
  • Flying Fox (200m)
  • Drop Slide
  • Bike Riding
  • Swimming/Hot tub            

A big part of camp was the camp out. Every day a different class took a bus out to the base of Mt. Buffalo and hiked up to a campsite. Along the way they would visit different landmarks and hike around them, including underground passageways and hills with stunning views of Lake Catani. Once arriving at the campsite, students would set up their tents and cook their meals on a Trangia, a gas powered portable stovetop.

Looking back on the week I’m sure all the students that went can agree that the whole experience was memorably fun and a great experience for everyone.

by Max Adam, Year 8



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