Year 8 Camp – by Kaidin Dalzotto

We left on Monday the 27th, and what felt like five hours travelling time was only one. We were getting bored of playing Uno and talking, but as always Mr Trollope knew how to fix it with a movie. It may not have been the best movie but it definitely did its job and passed the time, and before we knew it we were at camp.

We were introduced to Rhonda the head of the camp, told the rules and sent off to unpack our bags which would have been great except for the fact that our class had to get ready for camp out, as we were the first group to go. Our Year 10 Leaders Bianca, Megan and Matt told us what we needed to pack and what we needed to waterproof. Almost everyone tried to get around the waterproofing of our sleeping bags but no one could pull the wool over the eyes of Megan. I tried and tried but soon found out it was no use. When everyone had packed everything we put our bags in the back of the mini bus and headed off to Mount Buffalo.

When we got there we put our packs on and started the long, tedious and hot walk to the campsite. About ten minutes in everyone was complaining that our backs hurt from the weight of the pack and that it was too hot, but we were told to enjoy the experience and the view. The walk lasted another half an hour before we made it to the campsite. When we got there we were shown how to set up our tents which was pretty self explanatory, we laid our foam mats and sleeping bags down, then headed to the trangia circle and made our dinners. Most of the meals succeeded but one or two made a mess and didn’t turn out as expected. After we finished we found out the worst job of all was still to come… cleaning. It took almost an hour to clean the trangias and by the time we finished it was pitch black and we were almost falling asleep. The Leaders quickly told us about the next day’s hikes and they made sure to save the best for last… we were waking up at six o’clock. Everyone hated it but were too tired to argue for more than a couple of minutes, so we made our way to bed and dozed off.

We were woken up at six as promised, quickly made breakfast and went off on our first hike through a couple of caves. When we got to the middle of the hike there was the best view that I’d ever seen. It was so calm and relaxing we almost forgot that there was still half of the current hike and the next one back to the busses to go. When we went off on the hike to the busses the complaining was increased about ninety percent and took almost double the time of the last walk. We survived, made it to the busses and had a nice rest on the way back to camp. As fun as the campout was we were all pretty relieved to be going back to a shower and sleep in a real bed.

When we got back to camp we unpacked our packs, set up our rooms which were at their cleanest when we got there, and headed straight off to the first activity of fun and fitness. Most people would never associate those two words with each other but it was great fun. It was an obstacle course which we each took turns completing. We had other great activities on camp like a power pole which was ten metres high that we had to climb it and jump, and a flying fox which was two hundred and forty metres long which was the highlight. We had lots of other activities like a dog drop slide, vertical climb and an aerial obstacle course, and bush dancing, but best of all was the free time in the pool, spas and the campfire with milo and marshmallows on the last night.

The week went in the blink of an eye. It started off slow and then sped up as we got into the activities. The last day consisted of a walk through a massive field of hops and then a walk up what felt like a never ending hill with spiky chestnut trees scattered on it. The walk was hot and everyone was tired from the last week. When we finished the walk we ended up right at the back of the camp where we packed our bags and jumped on the bus home.

As fun and eventful as the camp was, we were all looking forward to getting home to our air conditioned homes and beds which felt like a cloud the first night back, but most of all we all wanted to get back to our sleep ins.

By Kaidin Dalzotto, Year 8D



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