Year 8 Academic Challenge Day

The annual Academic Challenge Days are an invaluable way for students to mix with like-minded peers from other schools. Teams are mixed, comprising of eight students from four schools. Each team competes in a variety of disciplines, including ‘Off The Cuff’ public speaking, an Engineering Challenge, Science, English and Mathematics. Teacher input on the day is minimal; students are required to work in a team with group members they have never met, simulating real-world workplace situations.

It was obvious by the level of interaction and productive noise on the day that the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Although in such an event there can be no winning school, Tintern Grammar students were part of a team who placed third. In addition, Oliver Dark won the Best Speaker Award for his off-the-cuff speech on a movie he had not seen – Gravity. Well done to all those who were part of this enriching experience.



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