Year 7 Orientation Day # 3

Our final Orientation Day for 2016 was arguably the most enjoyable. The students met in their classes with their 2017 Pastoral Mentors. Here they learned about the ‘nitty-gritty’ of secondary school life, including use of Record Books, the Portal, reading timetables and how the days and weeks are structured. They also participated in get-to-know-you activities with their form members.

The music program at Tintern is extensive. This was observed first-hand after recess, where performances from all sections of the orchestra were enjoyed. Information about learning an instrument in 2017 was also presented. This was followed by a tour of the school, and some very humorous “What if…?” scenarios, led by Year 8 students. The afternoon was a series of activities completed in House groups, led by the 2017 House Leaders. Overall an informative and action packed day!

By Anthea Watkins, Year 7 Boys’ Level Co-ordinator



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