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Term 2 is upon us and the Year 7 boys are busily back into the swing of things. Term 1 finished with a terrific week of activities at Camp Merricks which saw the boys climbing, paddling, cooking and snorkelling to their hearts content.

All the boys have settled in comfortably to life in Middle School and we now look forward to consolidating understandings in different subject areas. To that end, the boys have begun to work on their ePortfolio which provides them with the chance to reflect upon their learnings and experiences. These will continue to be worked upon throughout the remainder of the year during pastoral classes.

Year 7 boys also have had their House Soccer event this week as part of their Sport program – congratulations to the boys from Somner Stewart House who triumphed this year, and well done to all boys for participating in a fun and respectful manner.

by Matt O’Brien, Year 7 Co-ordinator



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