Year 7 Movie Excursion

For the Year 7 students the wide reading program included a special surprise treat: a trip to the cinema to see Miss Peregrine’s School for Curious Children. This is the film version of a book many students picked for their wide reading throughout the year. As well as that, it directly tied into our topic of young protagonists growing up through adversity. Croydon Cinemas kindly allowed us to have a private screening, allowing us a focused experience watching the film.

It also demonstrated a creative style to narratives and thematic ideas. We have been encouraging creative thinking all throughout the Middle School Years. Even those who had read the book were impressed by the imaginative interpretation of the story. The film was then used as a basis of ideas for our last creative projects, including the End of Year Program.

It was a fun day for all.

By Luke Mansour – English/History Teacher




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