Year 7 Interim Report

The first part of the year has been great. Something we noticed that is different to primary school is that there are many different class rooms for different subjects and you have to walk around a lot. We have enjoyed things like House Athletics and the House “initiations”. On our first day we were a little unsure of where our classes were, but within a couple of days we figured out where everything was and had no problems with remembering the teacher’s names.

So far, our first term in Year 7 has been very eventful and exciting, but we still have many things to look forward to this year such as camp and interschool sports.

We think that this year so far has been amazing. If we were to rate it like a teacher would, we would give it a ‘very high’.

by Nicholas Touliatos and Zakariya Mohammed, new Tintern Grammar students in Year 7, 2017



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