Year 7 Girls’ GEM Day

Year 7 GEM Day by Grace Boromeo

On Monday, the school had one of their once a term GEM Day, but it was a bit different. Normally, the students spend the day participating in several wellbeing activities instead of their regular classes, but this term GEM Day was held completely online! GEM Day is held once a term at Tintern, and it focuses on mental health and student wellbeing. GEM stands for Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness, and these days help teach us strategies on how to live more positively.

The Year 7 Girls took part in three fantastic sessions with their Pastoral Mentors and Year Level Co-ordinator. In Period 1, both classes did some meditation and mindfulness with Mrs Watkins. The teachers provided a wonderful range of videos and websites that were perfect for some mindfulness time.

After recess, we split into our pastoral classes and rotated through two activities. In Period 2, 7B did an activity with Mrs Jury called “Something for me, something for you.” We were encouraged to do something nice for someone else, and to give ourselves a treat as well. For “Something for me” lots of people painted their nails, did art and crafts, or did some exercise. For “Something for you”, students baked some treats, made a card, or called their friends to check in. This was my personal favourite session of the day!

In Period 3, 7B had a pastoral session with Ms Infanti. We all spent some time sharing our “Something for me, something for you” pictures with each other. Then we talked a bit about how we were finding isolation and Ms Infanti helped us see some of the positives of lockdown. We all found that we have a newfound appreciation of things that we used to often take for granted. 7A did the same activities with Mrs D’Souza.

After lunch, both classes had another quick check-in with our Pastoral Mentors. We then had Period 4 free to complete some other activities or homework. Everyone found GEM day really fun and beneficial. Especially with all of the stress and worry of isolation, it was great to slow down for a bit and take some time to be grateful for what we have.

The Year 7 Girls would just like to say thank you to Mrs Watkins, Ms Infanti, Mrs D’Souza and Mrs Jury for making GEM Day so amazing! We can’t wait to thank you in person.


Year 7 Gem Day by Matilda Bailye

GEM day was on Monday 11 of May. In case you didn’t know what GEM Day was it’s a day where you do lots of different activities relating to Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness. As we are all at home and doing school online due to Covid-19, GEM Day was a bit different. This is a little view of what 7B and 7A did on GEM Day.

On Monday we didn’t have to get up as early as the classes started at 9:00am. Once everyone had joined the online call, the teachers went through how the day was going to run. Our first activity was to either do a yoga/mindfulness activity or if you had a bit more energy, a small workout. I chose to do a workout as I had some energy in me.

After recess 7A and 7B went into their own class groups. What we did was an activity where you made/did something for yourself and for someone else. So as an example, what you could do for yourself was paint your nails, go for a bike ride, wash your dog or do your hair. And to do something for someone else you could do the vacuuming, bake them something or even tidy a cupboard. What I did was I went for a bike ride down to our local supermarket and got some supplies to bake something for my family. I made some choc chip cookies with white and milk choc chips.

In period 3 as a class we all talked about what we did, and then we talked about gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. Then we had our lunch break.

After lunch was period 4 where we had the time to organise our desk, tidy your room or do your homework. It was a time to get yourself organised. What I did in that time was I finished my homework and then tided up my bedroom.

And that’s what the Year 7s did for GEM Day. I really liked GEM Day as it was something a bit different from the normal day of online school. It was the best day whilst doing online school.




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