Year 7 Geography Excursion

A couple of weeks ago the Year 7s went on an excursion to the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary for geography. When we arrived at the lake we learnt about the volunteers Julia, Anne and Sue who along with others help to monitor the lake. First we went with Anne and Sue down to one of the waterways that flow into the lake. We learnt how you can gauge the quality of water by finding out what bugs are in the water and despite water looking brown it does not mean that the water is dirty. We also learnt about turbidity testing which gauges the quality of water by looking at how many particles are in the water. Next we went with Julia through the lake and learnt about its history. We learnt how they had planted reeds and curved the river to slow down the water so that pollutants would fall to the bottom. We also learnt that before it was a sanctuary Blackburn Lake used to have swimming lessons and concerts. Overall we learnt a lot about how the lake was maintained and how humans can create artificial lakes to preserve nature.

by Fintan McCrave, Year 7




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