Year 7 da Vinci Decathlon

Last Wednesday, the 17th of May, two teams of Year 7 girls and boys gathered at the bus bay early in the morning, ready to set off on an incredible journey. Before the traffic condensed, all 15 students hopped excitedly onto the awaiting bus. 45 minutes later, they arrived at MLC, ready for an academic competition, called the da Vinci Decathlon.

To begin, they were given a series of booklets to complete in an hour and a quarter. They were given booklets on the subjects Ideation, English, Art and Poetry, and Science. Preceding a quick snack break, the next session commenced,  during which they were given two more booklets, Engineering and Maths, and during this session, three students from each school were asked to produce a short play on a given topic. Afterwards, the students went outside once again for their lunch break. A little less than an hour later, all the students from the 20 participating schools filed inside the large hall once again to participate in the last session, including the subjects Code Breaking, General Knowledge and Cartography.

Finally, all the subjects had been completed, and once again were permitted to have a small break. A short time later, the students nervously crowded inside the hall again, anticipating the results. First, the top two Creative Producers teams performed their 60 seconds acts on the theme ‘Money’. Soon afterwards, the organiser of the da Vinci Decathlon strode over to the stage to give a short speech, before announcing the top three teams for each subject. One of the teams from Tintern Grammar placed equal third in the Creative Producers subject. Then she announced the top teams overall. Even though Tintern didn’t place in the top five overall, the students tried their best and had a fantastic day! “It was great fun to meet new people and have a great time out of school,” said Michael, a member of one of the two da Vinci Decathlon teams. It was a great experience for everyone, and they hope they have the same opportunity again. 

by Olivia Dowling & Abby Chai (7B)



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