Year 7 Boys’ House Hockey Tournament


The ball smacked into the goals – the sixth Gordon Grant scored for the tournament, and it was the icing on the cake from their excellent play. The Year 7 Boys’ House Hockey tournament, held in Doncaster, ended with Gordon Grant wrapping it all up with a win. They managed to finish the tournament undefeated, a great testament to their team work.

Most of the boys only learned hockey a few weeks ago and yet it didn’t take long for them to settle into a confident, fast style. Lachlan Bastin and Jake Stubbs were especially effective all over the ground and it sometimes felt that there were several of each of them on the pitch. In the goal circle, Alec Chen was consistently solid and even stopped two short corners in rapid succession.

It was especially encouraging to see such effective team-work. The boys made long passes to open forwards, sprinted back to assist their goalies and kept rotating off the bench to ensure that everyone got a rest.

The tournament was wild but undoubtedly fun!

by Luke Mansour, History Teacher & Year 7 Form Teacher




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