Year 8 Camp

I was fortunate enough to spend the first week of this term on camp with our Year 8 boys and girls up in Myrtleford and Mount Buffalo. This was a stunning week in so many ways and the weather was magnificent for this time of year in and around Myrtleford. The gorgeous colours of the changing leaves on the trees, back dropped by vineyards, olive groves and large mountain ranges made for a fantastic venue. What was most impressive though was the experiences our boys had whilst on camp and the benefits these camps provide to their personal growth and development. They were challenged physically with some of the strenuous activities as well as emotionally as some of the activities really pushed them out of their comfort zone. Our boys climbed 15 metre vertical challenges, scrambled over 250 metres of aerial obstacle courses and also rode a 220 metre dual flying fox which was a real favourite. Another challenge the boys faced was to hike along the top of Mount Buffalo to Lake Catani where they set up camp for the evening. They were responsible for their own food, water, cooking equipment, etc. There were some real success stories in terms of food as well as some efforts that will need to be refined next time! Let’s just say that cooking pizza on a trangia stove doesn’t work all that well! These are the memories that the boys take with them from school and are certainly a very important opportunity for them over their schooling journey.


A poem by a group of our Year 8 boys:

‘Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.’ (Helen Keller)

Perhaps this could have been the theme for us on our camp this year.

We helped each other to push through our challenges.

We had to trust each other often when we felt most vulnerable.

We learned more about each other and how we can work together as a team.

We learned that mice don’t eat chips!

We learned that horse heads are not flexible when they’re on your head!

We took the time to just talk to each other whilst we cooked a communal dinner.

We can dance if we want to.

We can solve the most difficult problems in trivia.

We can all sing in tune if a ukulele is the instrument of choice.

Miss Diviney rocks a pink feather boa.

Rhonda’s name is Rhonda and that’s what she answers to

We are a community.

We learned that our teachers have hidden talents.

We learned that we all have hidden talents.

Year 8D and 8E Boys written as a team




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