Year 7 & 12 Big Brother Program

From the end of Term 2 to the beginning of Term 3, the Year 7 Boys had the opportunity to take part in the Big Brother program, and the girls had the chance to take part in the Big Sister Program.

For every second Tuesday during utility, the boys and girls were allocated to separate groups, all hand-chosen with one or two Year 12 Buddies. We went to different places such as the library, outside the middle school and inside the middle school, and talked together for half an hour. We talk about problems that are faced in this generation such as social media, homework, our time allocations and whatever is bothering us. We also played a game of basketball or 40-40 at the end of the session.

It was great to know that the Year 7 students for 2017 were the first to try this awesome experience. So as we can see, it was a huge success and should continue on in the next couple of years.

by Krisshnaa Kannan, Year 7



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