Year 7 & 12 Big Brother Mentoring

Each Tuesday during Utility some Year 12s come down to the Year 7s to talk to them about various topics and sometimes play games. This is in small groups of about four or five students. The aim of this program is to make sure that the Year 7s are fitting in and to establish a connection with someone else in the school to make sure they always have someone to rely on. We have had two sessions so far.     

During the first session we asked various questions which was great because we got to know each other a bit more. Some of them were simple, such as what food we liked to eat, and some of them were talking about social problems, such as “Do you think it is acceptable for a man to cry at the movies”.

During the second session Jayan (our mentor) talked to us about bullying, and asked if we felt that at Tintern we are being treated fairly. It was interesting hearing other people’s stories and how they deal with any hardships. We were also asked about how our day has been and if there are anything worrying us, we get to sometimes play with our group and other groups and the best bit is our big brothers usually bring lollies or chocolate, which brightens the Year 7s.

Overall we think that this is a very successful and fun program and hope that it carries on through the years to come.

by Ben McKee & Colin Ming (7D)



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