Year 6 Upcycled Market Success

At last after weeks of hard work, planning, discussion, budgeting and redesigning, the Year 6 students held their Upcycled Market, selling handmade items which were repurposed from resources largely destined to be landfill. What a great fun way to learn about finance, supply and demand and the basic principles of the real world free market by running your own small business! From colourful festive bunting, to pencil wraps, mobile phone charger pockets, hair accessories and stationery organisers, there was something for everyone.

Congratulations to all students for their fabulous team work and engagement in their learning. It looks like our target of $888 will be reached, so after more thorough research and discussion, the students will donate all of this profit to charity.  Learning is fun and rewarding at Tintern!

by Ms Green and Ms Dang, Year 6 teachers




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