Boys’ Junior School Year 6 Transition Dinner

We thanked and recognised the journey of our Year 6 boys and their families at our annual Transition Dinner on Wednesday 7 December in the CM Wood Centre.

Each Year 6 boy presented a slideshow about his own Junior School highlights.

This is such a memorable and emotional evening for our Year 6 lads and their families.

Each of you has played a valuable and significant role in the success of our Junior School; you have been leaders, you have had to accept and perform duties that have required responsibility and

maturity, and you have done so admirably.

Whilst we are still a very young school, each of you has contributed to the fast growing traditions and reputation of the Boys Junior School. The staff comments at the rear of this booklet reflect the respect and friendship that you boys have earned. This booklet is the opportunity to reflect upon your memories and successes…not measured by wealth, or sporting, or even academic ability, but by one’s own character development. We believe that each of you is a success.

As you continue onward to Middle School, we wish you every success in all aspects of your future. We will keenly follow your progress and we thank you for your time with us. Always look forward, but don’t forget your past. We hope to see you regularly and will always welcome you in the Junior School.

To the parents of the boys, thank you for being such a valued part of the school community. Without your support, our programs can seldom reach their potential.






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