Year 6 Take to the Skies

The Year 6 boys finished off their Flight unit with a trip to Tyabb Airport last Tuesday. What a fantastic time we had! We were extremely well looked after by Sundeep Rao, the chief flight instructor and his team from the Peninsular Aero Club. The weather was perfect and the experience exceptional. We were so excited when we arrived and saw all the planes lined up waiting for us. We were taken to an amazing air-conditioned lounge with a platform viewing area and after a very warm welcome from Sundeep, it was the boys turn to actually co-pilot and fly the Cessna 152 aircraft. I cannot begin to explain the looks on their faces as they crossed the tarmac to board their aircraft. After the flight of a lifetime, their expressions on landing were priceless. Some of the comments were AWESOME…. AMAZING…. UNBELIEVABLE …… BEST THING EVER even a WHOO HOO!!!. How lucky our boys are to have this experience and how grateful the 6D boys were to the amazing pilots who flew with them.

by Ros Neilson, Boys’ Year 6 Teacher



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