Year 6 Parliament

The boys are well into their study of Government and so far, we have looked at the Levels of Government, Government Portfolios, Electing members of Parliament and the preferential voting system and Federation. While working through the unit, we have elected leaders, appointed ministers, and set up a Class Parliament in the classroom.

The leaders are:

Prime Minister: Adam Blake

Leader of the Opposition: Tim Elliott Bruce

Deputy Prime Minister: Barathan Mahadeva

Deputy Leader of the Opposition: Jack Gale

The Speaker: Trent Chisholm

Our Ministers are:

Minister for Downtime: Theo Lam                             Shadow Minister for Downtime: Jay Jensen

Minister for Seating: Regan Jones                              Shadow Minister for Seating: William Jones

Minister for iPads: Harry Wang                                    Shadow Minister for iPads: Kye Bertram

Minister for Mindfulness: Adrian Pang                    Shadow Minister for Mindfulness: Aryan Chekka

Minister for Canteen: Brady King                               Shadow Minister for Canteen: Raph Lever

Minister for Sport: Flynn Hutchinson                       Shadow Minister for Sport: Jacob Millet

Minister for Maths Challenge: Casper Pang         Shadow Minister for Social Space: Will Kenny

Minister for Special Events: Oskar Mitchell

We are now holding Class Parliament sessions where we debate bills and make amendments to see how many bills can be passed in the Year 6 classroom. Our first bill of debate was the Downtime Bill to support our focus on Mindfulness this term. Of course, these bills must also be passed by The Senate (Mrs Neilson the Year 6 teacher) and signed off by our Governor General (Mr Kenny).

Such an exciting time is being had by all in Year 6 at the moment, plus we have our trip to Canberra coming up next week. Life just doesn’t get any better than this!

by Ros Neilson, Boys’ Year 6 teacher



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