Year 6 Induction Assembly

On Monday 5 February we held our Year 6 Induction Assembly in the Colebrook Hall. Our School Captain, Will Kenny, and Vice-Captain, Trent Chisholm, read the Year 6 Oath on behalf of all the Year 6 boys. Flynn Hutchinson, our Year 6 Leader, began the assembly by confidently presenting the first Bible Reading for 2018. Mr Kenny then inspired us with a presentation focusing on leadership and our compass points. Following this, the Year 6 boys were introduced to the assembly and presented with their Year 6 badge. Although some boys do have specific leadership roles for 2018, we acknowledge that all of our Year 6 boys are leaders within the Junior School. Congratulations boys, we look forward to your wonderful contributions throughout the year.


Junior School Captain                                Junior School Vice-Captain                       School Leader

     William Kenny                                                   Trent Chisholm                                          Flynn Hutchinson           

by Ros Neilson, Boys’ Year 6 Teacher



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