Year 6 in the Digital World

Year 6 Digital

Some Year 6 students are involved in an online programming competition run by the University of Sydney. Students are provided with detailed learning resources combined with programming challenges each week to learn the Python programming language. Students work independently through weekly tutorials and learn the language of coding. Participants in the program will use their own time but are provided with support and guidance at school.

 Here are some comments from the students so far

 This first introductory week to GROK has been extremely fascinating. I loved learning how to draw a snowflake on the computer! I look forward to the actual competition to see how I go! – Alei

 I really have enjoyed doing the Grok competition. It’s a lot of fun and it feels like a huge triumph when you get even the simplest things right – Ella

It is a great site to help you learn about the basics of programming – Kelsey

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