Year 6 Boys 40 Hour Challenge – Our Fantastic August Fundraiser

Eighteen of the Year 6 boys took up the challenge in August to complete the 40 Hour Famine, run by World Vision. This year, the 40 Hour Famine was a little different as their aim was to bring attention to the biggest humanitarian crisis in history, displaced children and their families. The boys were given the challenge to pack a backpack and live out of the contents for 40 hours. Alternatively, they may choose to give up anything that is important to them, which they would find quite challenging to do. Things like giving up all screen time, not using any form of technology, not using furniture, even not using a limb were all considered. The boys gathered sponsors and on a chosen weekend in August and they attempted their challenge.

All money raised went towards helping displaced child refugees who are unable to return to their own country due to conflict. The purposes of this challenge are many:

Every day children are forced to flee their homes in search of food and safety and we wanted the boys to try to begin to understand what it is like for these children, who must flee with only their essentials. It can also help them to learn more about the difficulties faced by people in less fortunate countries around the world, and in doing so appreciate how lucky they are. Finally, to experience the sense of fulfilment by giving something up so others may benefit.

The eighteen boys did an amazing job and raised a total of $2,231.76!!

Well done to all the boys who participated and thank you so much for your time and efforts in raising this substantial amount of money for such a worthy cause. Thanks must also go to these boys’ wonderful families for their fantastic ongoing support. Congratulations to all involved. This 40 hour experience contributes to the Community Service section of the Year 6 Compass Award. So proud to be your teacher!

by Ros Neilson, Boys’ Year 6 Teacher



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