Year 5A & 5B Science Fair

If you’d been in the Colebrook Wing on Wednesday 14 June, you’d have been agog at the frenzy of scientific action taking place. Year 5 girls have been Scientists for a term, firstly embarking on the CSIRO CREST program, learning how to conduct experiments according to the scientific method, then culminating with self-directed research and demonstration of their choice of an experiment. The range of science explored was diverse; from Chemical Reaction to Inertia and Force, from Electromagnetics to Sound Vibration, from the Human Body to Weather and properties of Water. Visitors to the student stalls included the ELC children, students from both Junior Schools, some Middle School students as well as mums, dads, grandparents, friends and of course Mrs Riddell and Mr Fry! They were astounded by the level of knowledge, the depth of research and the fluency with which the girls articulated their understanding. A few adults came away learning a few new facts too!

By the end of the day, the students were exhausted but proud of their improved abilities to speak confidently and teach others about science. A HUGE thank you to Mrs Shearer for donating an entire day to designing our stalls – the venue looked stunning.

by Kelli Green and Jayde Thompson, Girls’ Year 5 Teachers



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