Year 5 Travel Expo

There was a buzz of excitement and nervous chat among the boys this week as we prepared to put on our World Travel Expo, a combination of technology, research, Literacy and design!

With props in hand, games ready, ipads running the photo slideshow, brochures, business cards and banners pinned up behind their travel stand, the boys were ready to share their expertise on their chosen country! If that didn’t provide enough information for the costumer you then they could scan the boys’ QR codes to view their informative video presentation, using a green screen, about their chosen country.

After the first wave of customers the boys reflected and evaluated how their stands and games went and what improvement and adjustments may be needed.

We were pleased with the positive comments given by the first costumers.

It wasn’t long before we had over 50 people crowded around the boys’ stands. With comments made about the fantastic presentation and confidence of the boys displayed as they fielded many question from their many visitors!

Once the crowd had disappeared and all the brochures were gone, many of the boys went home feeling rightfully proud. The boys’ efforts and display of technological and literacy skills was excellent and hopefully inspired some visitors to visit one of the Travel Expo countries.

by Lee White Year 5 Teacher




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