Year 5 Surf Camp

Excitement flew through the air as we hopped on the bus ready to go to Phillip Island Camp. When we got to camp we jumped off the bus and unpacked into our cabins. After that we got ready to go boogie boarding. When we got to YCW beach and put on wetsuits and grabbed a boogie board and ran down to the water.. There wasn’t a lot of sun, it was actually little bit cold.

The guy teaching us to boogie board told us about rips, and how to survive them. After boogie boarding we went back to the campsite and played cricket.

The next day we woke up and went to Amaze’n’ things for a couple of hours. We played mini golf and did illusions. After Amaze’n’ things we were supposed to go surfing but the tide was too high so we went boogie boarding again.

On the last day we packed up and left Phillip island to go home. On the way home we stopped at San Remo to play in the playground. While we were there we also fed the seagulls, and saw a really cute puppy. We got back on the bus and drove back to Tintern to meet our parents and headed home exhausted.

Phillip Island is my favourite camp so far.


By Jakob Mazonwicz Year 5



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