Year 5 Sovereign Hill Camp

Sovereign Hill camp is a terrific camp with plenty of hands on experiences for the boys and a chance to show independence as they walk the Main Street to buy souvenirs. Between the Red Hill Mine tour, gold panning and gold smelting we had such a great time being truly immersed in the 1850s experience.

This is one recount from Bailey Hanna;

The shiny gold was gleaming in my eyes. The gold was quite heavy but I was too in awe to realise how heavy it was because out of fifty people he picked me! It was me who stood up and held a real bullion of gold! That was my favourite moments. If only I could have taken it home!

That was one of my favourite moments at the Sovereign Hill camp but I also loved watching Blood on the Southern Cross with my favourite part of the show was the light used during the show.

Another one was exploring Main Street. It had thousands of shops, lolly shops to soap shops. Lollies obviously being my favourite!

Overall it was the best camp anyone could experience and the Year 4s next year are in for a treat.

by Lee White Year 5 Teacher



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