Year 5 Orienteering Excursion

On the 13th of March we went to Jells Park with the Year 5 girls for our Orienteering Excursion. We all had a great time and everyone was exhausted after Orienteering. I enjoyed running around and finding all the different places with a map of were we needed to go. I don’t think we needed to improve anything for our Orienteering Excursion. I would rate the excursion a 9/10 because everything went well and it was extremely fun as well. I would definitely recommend this for next year because it is fun for everyone! I hope that everyone had lots of fun and it was a really good excursion!

by Daniel Sun, Year 5

Today we went to Jells Park with the Year five girls and did an orienteering excursion

What I enjoyed: I enjoyed finding the markers and chatting to Aaron on the way round.

What could have improved? Something that could have been improved is the way they set it out. I thought the markers were a little small.

I would rate the excursion 8.5 out of 10.

I would recommend it as an excursion for year fives to come. The excursion was great it was fun for all of us.

by Alex Beaton, Year 5



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