Year 5 Leadership Program

As part of our Leadership program the Year 5 boys visit their buddy, from the ELC, every Tuesday.

It has been a most remarkable buddy program with the ELC boys being partnered with a student from Year 5 to help them participate in a variety of activities to help them learn together.

The Year 5 boys have been outstanding role models for Pre-preps, helping them learn, build, create, make and conjure up a terrific rapport with each other. It is hoped that this rapport will continue to develop next year when some of the ELC boys come up to Tintern Grammar.

Already the ELC boys, when they’re parents are picking up an older sibling from the Boys’ Junior School, give a wave, fist bump or a shout out to their Year 5 buddy.

The program will conclude early Term 4 with a teddy bear’s picnic….and yes the Year 5 boys bring their teddy bear too! Until then, we’ll continue to develop the leadership skills of commitment, compassion and responsibility to their buddy.

by Mr Lee White – Year 5 Teacher



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