Year 5 Girls’ camp

Year 5 girls have just returned from their History and Environmental Science camp at Sovereign Hill and Narmbool, a 5000 acre farm donated to the Sovereign Hill foundation for the purposes of education and environmental research.

In preparation for camp, each student had researched the events prior to Victoria’s Gold Rush and the various reasons immigrants arrived in Ballarat, then introduced themselves by letter to Ma’am, the principal of the Wesleyan Day School.

Attending school in the 1850s as a girl was not easy. Their education was not seen as important, left-handed students were mocked, and Scarlett was ‘caned’ just for being tardy to class. We panned for gold and witnessed 99.9% pure gold bullion smelted into an ingot worth $16,500.

At Narmbool, students hiked cross-country to an archaeological dig revealing secrets of the early settlers’ homestead. Meeting birds of prey, sampling aquatic life to study the health of the farm river and astronomy sessions in the newly built observatory are just some of the other engaging ways we learnt this week.

The future leaders of the Girls’ Junior School are a terrific team. Their positive attitudes, independence and resilience made the teachers and parents proud.  Thank you to the superb staff at Sovereign Hill, Narmbool and of course the Tintern staff, Mrs Agius and Mr Tongue who assisted me to make it such a successful, educational experience for the Year 5 girls.

 Kelli Green – Year 5A Teacher




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