Year 5 Excursion to Immigration Museum

On Monday, the 23/7/18 we went to the Immigration Museum. It is in what used to be the customs building for boats carrying passengers or cargo down the river to drop off in Melbourne. The Customs House was very important, making sure that nothing that wasn’t allowed was brought in. At the Museum, we went to a classroom and learnt all about how it was like to travel at the time. We learnt that ‘Sydney Myer’ the founder of Myer was actually an immigrant from Russia who changed his name from ‘Simcha Baevski! The funniest part was when the power went out! So we went out early on our walk around the area, to see some historical things like a mast that marked the location of the first settlers that landed there when Melbourne was new. I had lots of fun learning about the history of migration to Australia.

by Charlie Carleton, Year 5

It was the 23rd of July, the Year 5 boys and girls had a trip to the interesting Immigration Museum. The Immigration Museum was very interesting in how they collect old things and unwrap a story just out of an object.

The first thing we did was go into a classroom like room and look in a suit case. In the suit case we would find some things that tell us 1. Where the person came from 2. What year they were from 3. And why they were coming to Australia.

Then we were sorted into groups and looked around the city for amazing old building and pieces of art. Once we were back we went in the same groups and looked around the Museum and filled out a passport thing that had all sorts of questions.

by Jack Horman, Year 5



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