Year 5 Camp Success!

The first week back of Term 4 was exhilarating for both Year 5 classes as they awoke bright and early to meet at the bus bay ready for a four day camp to Sovereign Hill. The girls stepped back in time for the first two days as they adopted the role of schoolchildren in the early 1850’s during the Australian Gold Rush. They became part of the museum and experienced what life would have been like during these times. The four days were jam-packed with history lessons, a light show about The Eureka Stockade, aquatic sampling, an owl show, exploration of the historic and stunning Narmbool, team building and indigenous games. Newfound friendships were made creating even stronger bonds between the girls. They took advantage of every learning experience with gusto and it’s clear that this camp will not be forgotten, as enriched learning took place and many long-lasting memories were made.

Student reflections:

Something I didn’t know before camp was how extremely hard it was to live in the 1850s.

Something that I didn’t know before camp was you need to stand before you speak and you needs to say Ma’am or Sir after you speak.

My favourite part was going to the theatre, singing and having the amazing learning experience.

My favourite parts were all the role plays, and how they reflected life in the 1850s.

My favourite parts of camp were shopping in Sovereign Hill, Blood on the Southern Cross and the Costume program.



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