Year 4 Camp Manyung reflections

Camp Manyung was awesome. We did lots of great activities like,: Ga Ga sports, Fine the teacher at night, Giant Swing and lots more. Unfortunately, I was in a room with the Evil B (Mr B) and Mitch. One night we had a Mexican dish which was really nice the other night we had a chicken dish which was ok. We got to watch a movie Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs 2. We watched half of that then went to bed and the other night we watched the rest and then went out to play Find the Teacher. Miss Quirk hid in a tree and nobody could find her and Mr B hid in the van and Aaron eventually found him. The next day we went down to the beach we did Bay Discovery In my group called Dolphins we learned all about the bay and I got to drive a boat. The next day it rained for most of the day but we went to the Regatta House and played lots of fun games. Then my group Dolphins went on the giant swing everybody went 18 meters high it was really fun. The next day we went back to school and we were waiting for our parents to arrive. When my mum arrived I gave her a big kiss.

by Felix Kilworth

Camp was a great vacation trip, we went to a place called Camp Manyung. We settled into a really hot day, and lots of friendly welcomes.

When you went on the giant swing, and you tug the rope to release yourself, you feel a sudden dread spread over you. Then you’re happily swinging from side to side as you look down at the view across the bay. It is 18 metres tall!

Another great camp activity was Bay Discovery. We got to drive through Mornington port, and drive the boat. My whole body filled up with excitement. Archery was also one of my favourite rotations. When you steady the bow for archery, you pop a balloon and a jolt goes through your body. You suddenly fell like Apollo the archery god (he is also the god of a lot of other things).

Overall, camp was an awesome treat!

by Lucas Chen

Camp was loads of fun. We went on the Giant Swing, where you are hoisted up 18 metres and then you pull a rope and you’re swinging towards the ground at one hundred kilometres an hour. There is also Bay Discovery, where you learn about Port Phillip Bay on a boat, and also drive it! We also did Archery, an Initiative walk, Ga Ga, and we played Find the Teacher. Sleeping was hard. It was hot both nights and we wished for some cool weather. Well, our wish was granted at 6.30 the next day. It was bucketing down. It was typical Melbourne weather. Despite that, all the boys loved Camp Manyung and the now Year Twos have a lot to look forward to.

by Daniel Elias



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