Year 3A Excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium

Sea Stars who breathe through their feet! Sea Jellies which glow and have no brains? Gentoo penguins who have to be fed seven times a day! A five-metre long salt-water crocodile who only eats two chickens a week! What amazing things we saw on our Year 3 Excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium last week.

Our tour guide, Peta, taught us how to tell the difference between Living Things, Nonliving Things and the Products of the living as we explored the exhibits. We were able to touch the sea stars and examine, up close, the shark egg sacs. Some looked just like kelp. Very clever camouflage!

We saw reef fish, tropical fish, amphibians and the wonderful penguin exhibit. Peta was very impressed that we knew the names of all the oceans and the ocean zones too.

As a special reward, Peta took us to a free 4D viewing of a movie about the Ice Age movie characters in the Ocean. We were sprayed with water and the seats even moved!

Mrs Winter said that she was very proud of our behaviour and that we demonstrated the Compass Values so well.

By Angela Winter, Year 3 Girls’ Classroom Teacher



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