Year 3/4 Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

On Thursday the 2nd of March, all the Year 3 and Year 4 boys jumped on the bus with a forty-minute drive ahead of them to Healesville Sanctuary.

We were split into groups with about six students in each group and we headed off in different directions after we saw the cassowaries and emus.

Firstly, my group made a beeline for the lyrebird’s exhibit, while Daniel’s group strolled to the dingo exhibit. At the lyrebird’s exhibit there was nothing much of interest there except for the occasional sound of the lyrebird’s call. Meanwhile, Daniel’s group were playing with a very friendly Thorny Dragon whose thorns did not really hurt.

All the groups came together for the Birds of Prey show.  Which unfortunately was a one-bird show.  The Black Kite stole the show because it refused to return to its enclosure after it had performed spectacularly.  None of the other birds were allowed to come out because the Black Kite eats other birds.

Then my group headed for the Tasmanian Devil’s enclosure but unfortunately, we didn’t see a Tassie Devil though a lot of the other groups did. Then Dan’s group took a visit to the kangaroos and saw a kangaroo have a sand bath.  One of the kangaroos had a joey!

My group headed off to the reptile house to see a python and touch it! Dan’s group ventured on towards the wildlife hospital, where he watched a green-tree snake have surgery.

The Healesville Sanctuary excursion was a success and left the boys with lots of great stories to tell.  

by Uwaez and Daniel, Year 4 students



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